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Heritage Raspberry Canes

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We’ve been planting out a paddock full of berries at Heritage Farm. To get bulk pricing on some of the plants, we’ve had to order more than we needed. In this case, we’ll have spare Heritage raspberry canes available for a short time only.

Heritage is a primocane variety- that means it fruits on first year shoots, in Autumn. Pruning can be as simple as going over your raspberry patch with a mower! Heritage is a robust, vigourous variety that is resistant to most major raspberry diseases. Its sweet, red fruit is popular with commercial plantations and home owners alike! Harvest starts in mid February and can continue into April.

These Heritage raspberry canes are pre-order: They’ll arrive on farm the week of the 27th of June, and we’ll call you that day to arrange your pickup. While we can store them if it takes a week or two to organise you getting here, anything that hasn’t been pre-ordered will be planted out in the field with the others. That means if you don’t order, you’ll miss out! We also have Chilcotin raspberry canes for sale here.

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1 cane, 10 canes


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