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Reusable Produce Bag

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Lightweight, super durable produce bags. Perfect for plastic free shopping!



These reusable produce bags are perfect to take to Farmers Markets, the Green Grocer, or the Supermarket. Great for fruit and veg that needs to be weighed at the cash register, without using disposable plastics. They have a handy drawstring to tie them closed.

We put them straight in the fridge holding the produce.  These bags are machine washable, so once the food is eaten, stick them in the wash. We recommend washing them at least weekly.

After having a couple of accidents (rips!) with paper bags, we also started using the produce bags for nuts, lentils and grains at the bulk food store. They are very slightly heavier than paper or plastic bags, but the weight is conveniently printed on the side of the bag so it’s easy to deduct!

In a pinch you can also use them to collect toys around the house, or as a lingerie/delicates wash bag. The possibilities are endless.



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