About us - Matt Rach and Kingsley
Two smiles and a look of complete dismissal. Matt, Kingsley and Rach in a rare photo!

About us

Hi, and welcome to Heritage Farm. We’re Matt Taylor and Rach Koch and we live in Moorooduc with our very young son Kingsley. We started farming our 20 acre patch just over a year ago, and we love it! We’re just 50 minutes from Melbourne’s CBD, and only a stone’s throw from some of Victoria’s best beaches and wineries on the Mornington Peninsula.

Matt loves ducks. He wants to raise them for eggs and meat, in a way that lets them be themselves. Our ducks roam our pasture, love to hunt bugs, and splash around in our seasonal creeks.

Rach is interested in integrating animals with plants in efficient, regenerative farming practice. That means she’s got a fruit orchard, geese, sheep and chooks roaming around, and lately she’s been threatening to buy some pigs!

The last year has been a steep learning curve – there’s more to know than we ever would have imagined. And we want to share it with you. We love having people to the farm, seeing what we’ve achieved, and what we’re still working on.  We’re not the cheapest way to buy food, but we believe we’re the best. Our farm has the best ethical and environmental practices that we know of, and we’re constantly learning, and trying to improve.

At Heritage Farm, our aim is to produce high quality food, using organic farming practices. We want people to eat our food, and enjoy it guilt free. Because by buying our produce, they’ve voted with their dollar for a food system that’s good for their health, the environment, and our animals.

We hope you enjoy our website – we try and teach our readers how to do farm/food related activities, and share our mistakes so that others don’t do the same! We are transparent about our process, and run regular farm tours so you can see exactly what happens on site. If you have any questions, please contact us.