our duck eggs Here at Heritage Farm, we produce top quality duck eggs for leading restaurants. Our ducks eat certified organic food, and free range an area at least 10 times the legal minimum space per bird. Stress is minimised in our ducks by keeping each flock to a maximum of 50. A duck’s ideal diet includes insects and seeds, and we provide ample access to both with a healthy and diverse pasture mix including white and crimson clovers and daikon radish. After laying their eggs inside each morning, our ducks are outside their coops until approximately 10pm. This mimics their natural life as much as possible. All our eggs are packaged in recycled cardboard egg cartons, and we are passionate about sustainability and  reducing waste. Our farm is transparent and welcoming. If you are a chef wanting to tour the farm, please get in touch. We’re hoping to provide more tours for the public in the near future. With access to heavy rainfall and seasonal creeks on our 20 acre property, our ducks are happy, healthy and subsequently produce exceptional duck eggs. Please get in touch if you would like to place an order or have any questions. Our duck eggs are available in two sizes and are priced at the following:
  • $15 dozen for large duck eggs (approx 900g+ carton)
  • $12 dozen for small duck eggs (approx 720g carton)
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