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Whodunnit – life and death on the farm

About a month ago we had a bit of a rough time at Heritage Farm. Two ducks, a sheep and a goose died in quick succession. While we are farmers and these incidents do happen, death is not easy and our recent experiences give us a whole lot more sympathy for other farmers who must go through this process regularly.

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local newspaper featuring Heritage Farm ducks

Our local newspaper visits Heritage Farm!

On Friday a fortnight ago, we were host to Lucy and Chris from The Leader – our local newspaper. Lucy was interested to come and have a chat to us about our ducks! Always flattered and accommodating for those interested in ducks we of course welcomed our two guests with open arms.

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Hatching Ducklings

While winter is not generally considered a great time to hatch ducklings, we’ve gone and decided to just give it a go regardless. In the post I’ll share some of our reasoning and some of our results so far.

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