What’s In Your Veggie Box (Week 32B)

In the small and regular boxes: Brussels Sprouts – For something simple and delicious cook up brussels sprouts with lemon, garlic and almonds, or even try brussels sprouts and crispy kale as a side with your dinner! Leeks – This week bake a flavoursome leek tart (substitute the celery for some lush bunching broccoli and […]

Grandmas Beef and Vegetable Pasties

beef and vegetable pasties

This recipe for beef and vegetable pasties is one that has been handed down a few generations. Our lovely Linda has kindly shared her Grandma’s recipe so we can spread the word about these yummy bundles of joy! Upon receiving the recipe and instruction I was surprised by the method for the making of the […]

How to store fruit and vegetables

organic rhubarb

What’s in your Veg Box this week (31A)? At the suggestion of a vegetable box customer, we are writing this blog post on how to store fruit and vegetables. The best way to have vegetables that last a long time, is to eat fresh vegetables. For example, corn is best eaten less than 24 hours […]