Our Chook Eggs

We love chooks. Watching them run around like little feathered dinosaurs will soften even the hardest of hearts. They’re useful too: they turn over our veggie beds for us; ready for planting, keep our orchard clean of bugs and fruit fall, and they fertilise our pasture. The cherry on the top is that they also lay us delicious chook eggs! Our chooks free range 24/7. In fact, we never close them into a coop or shed. We rely on our fox proof fence to keep them safe from predators. Our chooks have 6 times the space they need to be legally considered free range. And we rotate their paddocks regularly too, making sure they get access to fresh new hunting grounds. We supplement their free range diet with certified organic food. To minimise stress on our birds, we have one nest per five birds, so that they never have to wait to lay their eggs (although sometimes they snuggle up to lay right next to an empty one!) And our flocks have a maximum of 100 birds, so that they an remember their position in the flock pecking order, and can relax. We have a range of breeds: Leghorn, Rhode Island Red, New Hampshire, and we suspect some Australorp as well. We’re in the process of trying our hand at hatching our own dual purpose flock, with our roosters ending up as slow grown, pasture raised table birds, and the girls growing up to be egg producers. We feel that by vertically integrating the hatchery process, we can avoid day old chick slaughter, and make sure our ethics are represented through out the process. We package all our chook eggs in recycled cardboard egg cartons, and we are passionate about sustainability and reducing waste. Our farm is transparent and welcoming. We provide regular farm tours so that you know exactly what we do. Our chooks are happy, healthy, and free to be themselves, all of which means they produce high quality eggs! You can buy our chook eggs here, or feel free to contact us if you have any questions. [ux_featured_products products=”” columns=”3″]