We run a community compost at Heritage Farm. We know that not everyone has the time or inclination to have a compost bin at home. Some people just don’t produce enough scraps to have a healthy compost. But we all know that reducing food waste in landfill is important!

Here at Heritage Farm we have a pretty rocking compost system, so we reckon why not share it. If you’d like to bring your food scraps to contribute to our community compost we’d love to have them. We use all the compost in our food producing areas, and the more the better!

We do have a few rules about what you can include:

  • No plastics (sounds obvious but the number of fruit stickers, bits of cutlery, lengths of tape etc that I pull out is crazy)
  • If it’s whole fruit or veg, please cut them in half so they break down quicker, especially things like citrus or avocados.
  • We’re happy to take plain paper products torn up into pieces (but not heavily coloured/printed ones, and not tissues from illness)
  • No salt. Salted food is ok, but not quantities of salt as they kill our compost!

We take everything else. Including items like meat, dairy, bread, citrus, onion peels and oil. Though we do ask that these are in moderation (mixed in with other veggie scraps).

We use excess sawdust and wood chips from local businesses to balance out our carbon:nitrogen ratios, so if you’re a sawmill, tree lopper, pruner, or even have lots of unprinted cardboard boxes we’d love to hear from you!

On your first visit we like to show you the ins and outs of the system ourselves, so please either contact us or come during our farm gate open hours. But after that we’re not fussed, feel free to add to our community compost bins any day of the week, 8am-6pm