Local Organic Veggie Box FAQs

You might be new to trying a local organic veggie box. Please try and have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions in this list below. And if your question isn’t answered, get in touch!

When do I get my local organic veggie box?

Vegetable box orders received before 6pm each Saturday will be available on the following Tuesday/Friday/Saturday (3/6/7 days away). Unfortunately we can’t accept late orders, sorry! If you place your order after 6pm on Saturday it will be available Tuesday/Friday/Saturday week (9/12/13 days away).

Deliveries are every Tuesday and Friday afternoon depending on location. Any pickups are available during farm shop hours 3-5pm on Friday afternoon and 9-12 on Saturday.

Can I pause/adjust/cancel my box?

At any time, you can pause, adjust or cancel your box – provided it’s done before 6pm on Saturday for the following week. Once payment has been received you will receive a box.

Login to your account on our website and make the changes.

Do I need to sign up?

Our boxes run via a subscription model, providing some certainty for growing vegetables. However you’re welcome to buy a single box. Once-off boxes are all Community boxes.

Are my vegetables organic?

Yes. 100% organic. Most is certified organic. Some are not certified. But all vegetables are organic.

Are my vegetables local?

Yes. While we produce some of the organic vegetable box ourselves, we can’t grow it all – so we work with other organic vegetable growers. Vegetables sourced from other growers are always grown within 80km of Moorooduc.

There are many amazing organic growers in our region, and it’s not easy to access them all. That’s why we’ve put together this vegetable box so that picking and packing is easier for everyone.

Does my box have waste/plastic?

No. There are no single use plastics in these boxes. You will need to store you vegetables in your own containers once they’re home.

Reusable crates are used to deliver your vegetables, and these must be returned.

How big is my box?

You have 3 options – small, medium and large. Small boxes (5/6 different types of vegetables) are designed for singles or couple who eat out regularly. Medium boxes (6 different types of vegetables, but greater quantities) are best for couples or families who eat out regularly. While Large boxes (8/9 different types of vegetables in large quantities) work for families and hungry vegetarian couples!

Can I choose the vegetables in my box?

No. Boxes are curated each week and are dependent on the vegetables available in our region. Each week the vegetables change. And each season the range of vegetables varies.

How do I know what to cook?

Every week an email with recipe ideas is sent to you.

You’re also welcome to join our Facebook group where everyone shares their recipes and cooking experiences each week.

What if I have leftover vegetables?

You’re encouraged to cook/freeze any extra vegetables from your box. If you don’t want to do that, you can bring any vegetable scraps to our farm and we will put them in our community compost bins.

If you consistently have remaining vegetables, then consider changing the size of your box.

Am I in the delivery area?

We deliver to Frankston, Frankston South, Mount Eliza, Mornington and Mount Martha. If you’re not in this area, please get in touch and we’ll try and deliver once we have enough of your neighbours interested. We also have pickup points in other suburbs.

What is a Community Box?

A Community box is the same size, and the same veg, as our regular box. The extra 10% paid buys vegetables that are donated directly to people who are living below the poverty line on the Mornington Peninsula. We believe that everyone deserves access to ethical food, and that your economics shouldn’t effect your health (or access to healthy food). If you feel the same please consider our community box.

How do I use my farm tour tickets?

Email us with your preferred date for your farm tour and if there’s space we’ll fit you in 🙂 Sometimes we do get busy and there may be a bit of a delay, so please try and organise well in advance.

Any other questions? Please contact us!