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Need more information before you sign up? Check out our FAQs below.

I've just bought a box online, when can I pick it up?
Orders are processed every Sunday. If you place your first order (or change your order) before 5pm on Sunday, your box will be available on Friday in 5 days time. If you place your first order after 5pm on Sunday, your box will be available the following week. For example, if you order on Tuesday, your first box will be available on Friday the following week (10 days away).
Is all the veg always organic?
100% of the vegetables in your box will be organic. Most will be certified organic. Some will be uncertified organic; that is, we’ve met the farmers, and they are practising organic techniques and growing practices, but they aren’t currently part of an independent certifying body. There will never be any conventionally grown produce in your box.
Where does the veg come from?
All of the vegetables in our boxes are grown within 80km of Moorooduc. Some of them will be produced here at Heritage Farm, the rest will come from other local organic farms. There are so many amazing ethical growers and gatherers located in our region and we believe in supporting as many as possible! Not everyone has time to stop at multiple individual farm gates (including us), and some growers just want to concentrate on farming, not running a shop. So to make it easier for everyone we’re picking up and packing an organic veggie box.
Will there be plastic packaging in my box?
The short answer is no. We strongly believe in no single use plastics- to the point that you’ll receive salad mix loose in the box than in a plastic bag! You need to store your veg in your own containers when you get home. There will occasionally be compostable punnets in your box as well as rubber bands. Both of these can be returned to the farm for reuse, if you don’t have a purpose for them at home. The crate your vegetables come in is re-useable and must be returned each week.
How big are the boxes?
We are starting with two sizes of organic veggie box: regular and large. The regular box will contain 6 types of organic vegetables, while the large box will contain 9 types, in greater quantities.

A regular box in July might contain: 1 bunch of carrots,1kg pumpkin,1 green cabbage, 1 bunch of silverbeet, 500g broccoli and 1 bunch of rhubarb. A large box at the same time of year might have: 1 bunch of carrots, 2kg pumpkin, 1kg dutch cream potatoes, 1 bunch of silverbeet, 1 green cabbage, 1 bunch of beetroot, 1kg broccoli, 2 leeks and1 bunch of rhubarb.

Your box will be different each week – For example, you may only receive potatoes or pumpkin once every three weeks. Other items, like carrots or broccoli may be in the box more regularly.
What if I don't like something in my box?
We understand not everyone likes every vegetable, but unfortunately we’re not able to customise every box every week. Instead, at the farm gate each Saturday we’ll have a swap box with a few spare items that you can switch for an unwanted broccoli or beetroot!
I am low FODMAP, is there a box for me?
Yes! The low FODMAP box will contain 6 types of organic veg, and cost $30 per week. The contents will be based on the Monash low FODMAP app. Any further customising will need to be done using the swap box.
What if I can't eat all the veg this week?
We love veg, and we hope you do too. The more you eat the better for your health, but we do understand that waste happens.

If you’ve just been away, or out to dinner more often than usual, our first suggestion would be to freeze the veg. This way you can use it to supplement your box later, once that item is out of season and won’t be coming anymore.

If you consistently can’t get through the veg in your box, consider swapping out some of your carbs for extra veg on the dinner table. Or consider dropping a box size- you can do this at any time through our online subscriptions. Of course, sometimes it’s too late, and it’s gone a bit manky. If that happens then please bring it back to Heritage Farm for our community compost . It’ll go back into our garden, and help grow veg for your future boxes!

Does the box come with recipe ideas and help to eat seasonally?
We try not to add any extra paper to our boxes. However, we do run a facebook group only for box members. This community is full of cooking ideas, and tips and tricks. We’re all working together to learn how to eat locally, and seasonally again.
How do I pay?
Our organic veggie boxes are ordered on a subscription. When you sign up you will need to put in credit or debit card information. Payment will be taken out automatically for your box each week.
Do I have to subscribe? Can I just buy a box at your farm gate?
No. Sales of our organic vegetable box are strictly online and made in advance. We, and other farmers plan and plant according to how many boxes we know we’ve sold.

Having said that, sometimes people pause their subscriptions when they go on holiday. If you don’t want a box every week, but would like us to get in touch when we have an extra box, contact us
Can I pause, stop or change my subscription?
You sure can! You can login at anytime to make the changes that you need. Be aware though that any changes need to be made by Sunday 5pm, 5 days before the changed box. If you make changes after that, they’ll come into effect the next week.
Where and when do I pick up my box?
Boxes are picked up from Heritage Farm, 1494 Stumpy Gully Rd, Moorooduc, at the Farm Gate Shop. They must be picked up between 3pm-5pm on Friday, or 9am-12noon on Saturday.
What if I can't make it during those hours?
We know that these hours don’t work for everyone, so we’ve started rolling out delivery in certain suburbs. In the meantime, maybe see if a friend could pick up for you!
Normally I can make it, but this ONE time a real emergency came up. What do I do?
Call us. We’re people. We understand things happen that you can’t control. If you’re running 10 minutes late, or need to pick up a day late, we’ll do our best to accommodate you. We won’t always be able to. Or sometimes you can’t make it at all. If this happens, any left over boxes will be donated to people in need alongside our community boxes on the Sunday. You will still have paid for your box.
Do you offer delivery?
Yes! We have been lucky enough to receive a grant from Ripe For Change to help us offer a delivery option for our organic veggie boxes. We are currently delivering to Frankston, Frankston South, Mt Eliza, Langwarrin and Langwarrin South. Delivery costs $6, and it’s worth bearing in mind that it means you can’t use the swap box.

If you need delivery, but I haven’t mentioned your suburb, the best thing to do is to let us know your details below, as we will be rolling it out area by area (highest demand first).

What is a Community box?
A community box is the same size, and the same veg, as our regular box. The extra 10% paid buys vegetables that are donated directly to people who are living below the poverty line on the Mornington Peninsula. We believe that everyone deserves access to ethical food, and that your economics shouldn’t effect your health (or access to healthy food). If you feel the same please consider our community box.