Workshops at Heritage Farm

Heritage Farm started running workshops in 2018. We loved it so much that we’re purpose building a workshop space, and have expanded our program in 2019. We want to share with you the lessons we’ve learnt on the farm, so that you can make the most of your land, or kitchen, skipping our mistakes. Our workshops are proving surprisingly popular, so book early to avoid disappointment!!

Learn to graft fruit trees 2

Rootstock Propogation Workshop

1-4pm 12th August, 2019

Yes, we know it’s a Monday, and that means not everyone will be able to attend, but seriously- this one is worth getting a day off for! Neil Barraclough, is on the Mornington Peninsula for one day only, and will be working to put in a rootstock propagation area at Heritage Farm.

If you want to see the process from start to finish, and get your hands dirty learning the best way to become entirely self sufficient, then this workshop is for you. We’ll cover the best options for preparing rootstock from seed, cuttings and suckers, and how to do each of these. No more buying replacement fruit trees- combine our root stock propagation workshop with our grafting workshop below and you’ve got yourself all the tools you need to plant out an orchard for free, or to start your own nursery.

Like all our workshops this one will be hands on, and give you a chance to try everything that we’re showing you. It will include an afternoon tea, and we’re very happy to cater to dietary requirements so long as we’re given notice.

Also included in the $65 price is a rootstock starter collection (1 apple, 1 pear, 1 plum and 1 peach rootstock) and comprehensive notes to take home to act as a refresher if needed.

Like always, only a small number of spots available. We value the fact that every person in the workshop has a chance to chat and learn one on one with the teachers.

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Heirloom apples ready at Heritage Farm

Fruit Tree Grafting Workshop

6-9pm 12th August, 2019

Master Grafter Neil Barraclough is on the Peninsula for one day only this year, and as a massive favour has squeezed in this evening workshop at Heritage Farm. Come straight from work if you need to (we’re providing hot soup for a simple tea), but don’t miss out on a truly hands on fruit tree grafting workshop.

There are so many reasons to graft your own fruit trees: To preserve old varieties, start a whole orchard on a budget, or have multiple fruit types growing on the one tree for those with limited back yards.

The workshop itself will include the theory of grafting, with a print-out to take home (in case you need a reminder when you try it on your own next winter). But mostly it will be hands on. There will be plenty of prunings available to practise your technique on, and guidance from both Neil and Rachael.

The $65 workshop includes taking home one grafted tree of your choice, as well as 10 pages of notes to act as a refresher when you pull out your knife next winter. Extra scion, root-stock and freshly grafted trees are all available for purchase on the day. We will provide grafting knives for you to practise with during the workshop, but if you plan to try your hand at home as well, add a grafting knife to your ticket booking and we’ll have one ready to go for you.

Participants are strictly limited to ensure hands on teaching and a welcoming workshop environment. Ready to book? Select Grafting Workshop on our calendar below.