What’s In Your Veggie Box (Week 40B)

Vegetables this week include: Silverbeet, red onions, carrots, globe artichokes, broccoli and asparagus for small and medium boxes, plus in the large box cauliflower, potatoes and lettuce. Fruit will be tangelos, apples and either pears or mandies.

In the small and regular boxes:

Silverbeet – It looks like we’re in for another chilly week, so warm up with a delightful asparagus, silverbeet and potato soup.

Red onion – Caramelised onions are my absolute favourite, and they make a delicious tart with silverbeet!

Carrots – Spice up your veg this week with these roasted carrots with tahina yoghurt – a beautiful blend of aromatic herbs with a refreshing dash of lemony yoghurt.

Globe artichokes – They can be rather fiddly to prepare and cook, although once you taste how beautiful and buttery your artichoke heart is it will be worth the hassle! Here’s some great meal ideas to get you started.

Broccoli – For a spot of comfort food, why not bake a cauliflower and broccoli cheese and enjoy with a simple salad.

Asparagus – For a nutritious start to the day make this gorgeous green asparagus shakshuka for breaky, served with some lush crusty sourdough bread.

In the large boxes:

Cauliflower – This charred cauliflower steak with tahini, harissa honey sauce and preserved lemons is a fearsome mix of spices and flavours and perfect served with some roasted carrots, potato wedges, steamed artichokes and grilled asparagus.

Sebago potatoes – Nothing quite compares to the deliciousness of homemade gnocchi – serve it with some beautifully pan-fried asparagus with lemon, butter, herbs and parmesan.

Lettuce- We’re actually not 100% sure we’ll have lettuce ready- we’ve been shooing off some determined rabbits recently from our beautiful bronze mignonettes and red oak lettuce. So there’s a chance of a substitution here! But we’re crossing finger for green leafies.

In the fruit boxes:

Tangelos – Some juicy tangy citrus for you to enjoy, tangelos are a hybrid fruit crossed between a mandarin, and either a grapefruit or a pomelo!

Apples – I’ve really been enjoying stewing apples recently in lots of spices and orange juice served with some yoghurt and granola. You could even make a crumble and bake them in the oven!

Packham pears – These beautiful pears never last long in our house, and we love eating them for morning tea with a nice cup of tea. Also perfect on toast with some honey, soft cheese and walnuts. (May be subbed for mandarins on Tuesday- we’re not 100% sure yet)

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