What’s in your Veggie Box (48B)

Vegetables this week include: fennel, silverbeet, zucchini, sweet potato,
broccoli and snow peas for small and medium boxes, plus in the large box
carrots, broad beans and asparagus. Fruit will be apples, oranges and cherries.

Just in case you missed our previous blogs – farm tours are back! All our veggie boxers are welcome to come on a free tour, though it’s essential that you book first just in case we’re fully booked as we limit the tours to 10 people. They run on weekends at 10am and are a great opportunity to meet and feed our chickens, alpacas and the beautiful sheep and lambs. If you’re extra lucky you might even spot our resident blue tongue lizard called Levoy, or Terry the turtle who likes hanging out with the sheep sometimes. Bring comfy clothes, covered shoes, sun protection if it’s hot, rain gear if it’s wet, and any questions you have about farming!

Also just a quick note about our swap box – those who used to pick up veggie boxes from our farm gate will remember that we always had a box full of veg for you to swap anything out of your box – perhaps you have an abundance of broad beans and silverbeet growing in your garden, you’re not the biggest fan of radish, or you’ve already bought heaps of broccoli from the grocery store and would prefer some extra potatoes instead. If you send us a message about any fruit or vegetables you’d prefer to be swapped out, we’ll do our best to accommodate you at our drop offs as we now take a swap box with us on our delivery, and check any customised notes for your order.

In the small and regular boxes:

fennel – Beautiful raw in a salad with some balsamic and oranges from the fruit boxes, braised with garlic and herbs, or in Amy’s impressive roast fennel and pork meatballs.

silverbeet – Such a versatile and tasty leafy green, bake a nutritious silverbeet quiche (you could even add in some delicious asparagus).

zucchini  – All our hot weather lately has meant that summer veg is well and truly on its way! Enjoy your zukes grilled with some lemon and butter on a griddle pan or BBQ, or in some sublime zucchini and halloumi fritters.

sweet potato – We’ve been so excited about getting these sweet potatoes -add them to curries, pies, or in a classic mac n cheese, though you can’t go past some scrumptious oven-roasted sweet potato fries – add some smokey paprika and fresh herbs.

broccoli – Rach’s glorious spring risotto is ideal for making with all your seasonal veg – add broccoli, fennel, broad beans and asparagus!

snow peas – This week’s veggies is also a perfect combination of veggies for a delicious stir-fry; cook up your snow peas, silverbeet, broccoli, and carrots with a teriyaki sauce and some rice.

In the large boxes:

dutch carrots – Last week my mum made this delicious bulgur roasted summer vegetables with lots of roasted carrots and beetroot – highly recommend!

broad beans – I love pan frying my broad beans with some butter and spring onions with eggs, but for something a little different here’s broad beans with tomato, anchovy and pecorino.

asparagus – Amy’s wild asparagus with spiced crumb is an easy, flavoursome and delightful recipe to try out this week!

In the fruit boxes:

fuji apples – This simple apple and fennel salad is a refreshing and crisp combination.

oranges – Another beautiful addition to a salad, here’s a roast carrot and avocado salad with an orange and lemon dressing.

cherries – After a taster of some beautiful early season cherries last week, we’re really in for a treat over Summer – exceptionally moreish and the ultimate afternoon snack!

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