Schools and clubs

Encourage healthy eating and raise funds for schools, clubs and kindergartens with our organic vegetable boxes.

There are no restrictions on schools or clubs or kindergartens provided you are located within Frankston Council or Mornington Peninsula Shire areas.


$20 per week or fortnight

~1 person

5-6 types of veg

Organic vegetable box medium


$30 per week or fortnight

~2 people

6 types of veg

Organic Vegetable box


$50 per week or fortnight

~4 people

8-9 types of veg

Benefits for my school or club


Once we confirm that we can deliver to your location, we’ll add your delivery point to our website.

Any orders for that pickup will result in the following funds raised for your school or club: $1 for every small box, $2 for every medium box and $3 for every large box.

After the first 10 boxes are sold each week, you will earn $2 for the small, $3 for the medium and $5 for the large box. See the table below

No. BoxesSmallMediumLarge

This can raise funds quickly for your school or club.

School Farm Tour

school farm tour
John Paul College during their school farm tour

Experience our organic farm firsthand and learn how we grow food. Kids need to know how they’re food is produced, and we have plenty of experience to share and personalise your school’s farm tour appropriately.

We work closely with teachers to provide an interactive learning experience relevant to the students’ curriculum. Keeping students engaged and learning is challenging and we’ve been able to achieve on our school farm tours.

Recipes + Community

Our online community shares recipe and cooking ideas so that you can encourage your friends to eat well.

Coming soon: we will be sharing cooking ideas on our YouTube channel. Watch this space 🙂

If you’re interested in a vegetable box for yourself or combining boxes for business delivery there is information for you on those pages.

Need more information? Get in touch and contact us.