Make a simple iPad stand

ipad stand

I decided to make an iPad stand to help Rach and I take lots of photos and videos for Heritage Farm. I’ve seen some fancy iPad stands available, but we just needed something simple that would allow us to take some videos and pictures without having to hold the iPad. Perfect for when there’s only one of us – or when we’re both in the shot.

I got my timber from Tait’s Timber in Somerville, and the guys there were very helpful despite my inexperience ordering timber.

Step 1.

Find some timber – in this case I’ve just found some offcuts. The wood used is 90mm x 35mm untreated pine, that was also used in the duckling brooder box. I wanted untreated, non structural pine and I found out at Tait’s Timber that this is actually called merch. This will be very handy when I need to buy more and I want to look like I know what I’m doing!

I have two pieces 22cm long, and one 10cm long. The smaller one will be used in the middle. There is no rhyme or reason in choosing this length – it was simply what I had available.

Sand any rough edges off to minimise the chance of splinters in the future.

ipad stand
Simple wood offcuts used for the iPad stand.

Step 2

Screw the pieces of timber together. I used a Ryobi impact driver and some 7.5cm galvanised screws. Try and clamp the wood together, or it will twist and turn. Two screws on each end should to the trick.

ipad stand
Screw the pieces of wood together to make an “H”.

Step 3

Mark your cuts. I’ve used a pen – but a pencil is preferred because you can remove it easily without tarnishing the iPad stand. For this project, I’ve measured the cut to be 1cm wide and 3cm deep, and this should be the perfect size to fit an iPad.

Take your time to ensure that the two cuts will line up perfectly. An iPad will be straight, so if your cuts are off, then the iPad won’t fit. The cuts should be closer to the middle of the stand so that when the iPad is placed in the stand, it doesn’t overbalance and fall forward.

ipad stand
Mark the cuts that will need to be made. I cut 1cm wide and 3cm deep, and this seems to work well for my version of the iPad.

Step 4

Make the cuts with whatever tool you have available. I started with a Bosch Multitool, because it made a very straight cut right down to the bottom of the cut. If I had a chisel of the appropriate size, then I would have just chiselled out the remaining area. As it happens, I do not have a chisel (yet) which meant that I had to make several cuts with our handsaw – being careful not to widen the cut.

ipad stand
The completed iPad stand. Both cuts need to be equal to keep the iPad level.

Step 5

Insert iPad and test the iPad stand! Provided you’ve allowed for the right dimensions in your cut, then the iPad – or another type of tablet – should fit well. Take some pictures and videos and make any adjustments that you need!

ipad stand
This is the completed iPad stand with iPad being used. Sorry about the poor picture quality – this image was taken on my old iPhone!

Notes on making an iPad stand

It’s a pretty simple project that doesn’t take up too much time and doesn’t require many fancy tools. To take your iPad stand to the next level, you could include different cuts in the wood allowing for different angles. For example, an angled cut could be made on the other side of the iPad stand that would angle the iPad upwards. This could mean that the iPad and stand can be left on the floor and shoot upwards.

While I’ve made a crude looking stand, it’s very practical. To make it a little prettier, just buy some better quality wood. I’ve just used offcuts to save a few bucks. Otherwise, a lick of paint would be a lovely addition.

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