Farmhouse Renovations

Rach and I are really excited to move to our new property. Before we do so, we are making some pretty big changes to the house. For now, most of the movement at our property will be these renovations – not farming. The renovations are taking some time, so we’ve made this post to keep everyone in the loop.

When we lived in Frankston for about three years, we didn’t make many substantial changes to the house even though there were a few inconveniences. One of which was a lack of dishwasher. In order for us to be able to move to Moorooduc, we needed to sell Frankston for a good price. To achieve this, we undertook substantial renovations to the bathroom and kitchen and the rest of the property.

This time, we thought that instead of living in an updated house for the final month of ownership only, we would do much of the work at the start – before we moved in! One of our first plans of attack was to take up the older (and smelly) carpet and underlay to expose the pine floorboards underneath. Fortunately the floorboards are in impeccable condition, and that will make the sanding process relatively straightforward – although we’re not sure if we’ll do it or get in a professional.

Renovations updates
Part way through some of our renovations. You can see the walls that will be removed, and the capped plumbing in the floor. We’re had some fantastic support from our tradesmen. If you’re also a local in need of a great tradesperson for your own renovations, let us know!

A couple of minor walls from within the house have been removed (with advice from our builder). The electrical work and plumber have all been sorted by the tradesmen, but the clean-out process for the plasterboard, old blinds and carpet was all our work – with help from those who were guilted into assistance!

Post renovations

Our hope is to provide a space within our new house for guests to stay overnight or for the short term. So far the renovation process has taken longer than we’d both hoped, but we are making progress. At this point we’re expecting to be in the house (albeit unfinished) in late September. Let’s see if we can make that deadline! Until then, we’ll be focusing on renovations before farm work and improvements. Once we’re on the land we’ll have a much better idea of local conditions, and develop the whole farm plan. For now, the only vegetables we’re growing are the broad-beans in the back of the ute!

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