Our local newspaper visits Heritage Farm!

local newspaper featuring Heritage Farm ducks

On Friday a fortnight ago, we were host to Lucy and Chris from The Leader – our local newspaper. Lucy was interested to come and have a chat to us about our ducks! Always flattered and accommodating for those interested in ducks we of course welcomed our two guests with open arms.

Wanting to make an excellent impression, we manically prepared prior to the local newspaper team’s arrival.

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We’ve had quite a bit of cold and foggy weather at Heritage Farm – as you can see from the image above.

An opportunity to impress representatives of our local newspaper doesn’t come around too often so we were really keen to give it our best shot!

Sharing our story with Lucy and working with Chris to get the best photographs and videos of the duck(lings) proved relatively straightforward. We posed in a number of positions, and encouraged the ducks to run around and do their standard duck-y activities.

Telling our story from the very start and how we began with ducks was a surprisingly reflective moment. Our duck journey began when we received two little duckings as an engagement present in 2012. Caring for those two when we lived in Frankston gave us the idea to try more when we had the opportunity. After a couple of years we were able to get ten ducks at a farmer incubator setup at Vidamour Farm. During that time at Vidamour we won awards and had interest in their eggs. When we were able to move to our own property in Moorooduc, we jumped at the opportunity. The rest is history!
An hour after arrival, we bade farewell and waited patiently for the article to hit the streets the following week.

local newspaper featuring Heritage Farm ducks

The aftermath

You can read the full story in the image or you can read it on The Leader website.

Since our article was published we have received quite a bit of interest in our duck eggs. Let’s just hope the local newspaper article doesn’t make our heads get any bigger than they already are! Plus you might find some of our products on the menu in local restaurants soon. Stay tuned…

In the end we needn’t have been so nervous about having reporters visit – what’s not to like about ducks, ducklings and a beautiful farm?

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