Carrot and Cumin Purée

Carrot and cumin purée

There is a lot to celebrate in simplicity. This carrot and cumin purée is an expression of that simplicity. It is when we come back to basics like these that you can really tell when you are eating quality and fresh produce. The flavours are just so much better, and there is nothing for them to hide behind.

This will add such a beautifully bold strike of colour to your dinner plate, it is almost like a work of art. Then you taste it, and the beauty in the dish shifts to the taste buds, and boy, thats an explosion of excitement!

Carrot and cumin purée

Recipe for Carrot and Cumin Purée

Prep time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 25 minutes

Chopping board
Kitchen knife
Thermomix, or a pot and a blender

1kg carrots
1/4 teaspoon of ground cumin
30g of butter

1. Wash your carrots and chop them roughly to the same size, a few cms.
2. Bring water to a boil in either a pot or thermomix [gentle stir function 100 degrees] and cook until soft. The time will depend on how thick you cut your carrots, somewhere between 10-20 mins roughly.
3. Strain the cooked carrots and put back into a vessel to blend. Add the butter and cumin and blend until smooth. On the thermomix I did speed 7 for around 30 seconds.
4. Taste test and see if you’re happy with the result. Feel free to add more cumin in you prefer, or more butter or cream if you prefer a more creamy texture.
5. Serve with a variety of other vegetables and eat the rainbow!

Carrot and Cumin Puree
My 20 month old, Arthur, loves both the process and the result!

Use it as a side dish with a plate full of veggies or some meat. Here I’ve served the carrot and cumin purée with whole roasted cabbage, some roast vegetables (including some of the delicious Jerusalem artichoke) and some steamed corn and romanesco.

Carrot and Cumin Puree

Bon appétit.

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