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What’s In Your Veggie Box (29A)

In the small and regular boxes: Silverbeet – One of my all time favourite leafy greens! Add it to a warm winter stew with beans and chickpeas or cook up a delicious creamy silverbeet pasta sauce. Leeks – The perfect base to any meal, including lasagne, stews, soups or frittatas. Substitute pumpkin, broccolini and silverbeet […]

Carrot and Cumin Purée

Carrot and cumin purée

There is a lot to celebrate in simplicity. This carrot and cumin purée is an expression of that simplicity. It is when we come back to basics like these that you can really tell when you are eating quality and fresh produce. The flavours are just so much better, and there is nothing for them […]

Whole roasted cabbage

Roast cabbage

It is winter now, and the cool climate is what our cruciferous comrade can’t get enough of. Warm up with a whole roasted cabbage that will be a hit with all of the family. Anyone who thinks they don’t like cabbage, hasn’t tried it cooked like this before. The humble cabbage is an extraordinary vegetable. […]