What’s In Your Veggie Box (Week 30B)

In the small and regular boxes:

Brown Onions – An essential base to any meal, cook your onions in soups, stews, with some roast veggies or caramelised and in a quiche, on pizza or in pasta!

Dutch Carrots – These beautiful carrots are often hard to come by, but a real treat when we can get them. Try making these roasted carrots with pumpkin, chickpea and brown rice balls!

Wombok – Chinese cabbage is fabulous in any stir fry, or also wonderful in a homemade kimchi with some carrots. For something a little more exciting, cook up these miso cabbage japanese pancakes!

Broccoli – A broccoli, pumpkin, sage and goats cheese tart would be delightful this week served up with a lovely salad!

Avocado – This variety of avocados are known as bacon avos and are beautifully buttery and delicious. One of my favourite cafes does an amazing poke bowl on their menu which features some scrumptious chunks of crispy panko crumbed avocado, brown rice, a poached egg, wasabi salmon, and you could also add some lettuce, steamed broccoli, wombok, and slices of carrots!

Lettuce – Make an easy salad this week with some sliced pears or apples, scoops of avo, wombok ribbons and matchsticks of carrots.

In the large boxes:

Pumpkin – Pan fried gnocchi is definitely one of my go to comfort foods, and this pumpkin and sage gnocchi is a superb way to use up your pumpkin this week.

Mushrooms – Mushies tend to have a really rich, meaty, tender flavour and what better way to embrace their gloriousness than in a mushroom pie?! You could even add broccoli, carrots, pumpkin and onions to mix it up a litte.

Rhubarb – With so much versatility, you can use your rhubarb in anything from sweet dishes such as rhubarb and ginger pies and rhubarb granola crumble slice, to breakfast’s like stewed rhubarb with yoghurt and muesli or even savoury dinner meals including this baked salmon with rhubarb.

In the fruit boxes:

Pears – If you’re thinking of adding your pears to a salad this week, look no further than this mix of roast pumpkin, pear, avocado salad with blue cheese and raspberry balsamic dressing – yum!

Mandarins – Hopefully you’ve been enjoying all the gorgeous citrus we’ve been receiving in our fruit boxes lately…the cheerful, bright colours of our mandies and oranges certainly always bring a smile to my face on these grey wintery days!

Apples – Apple and rhubarb are undoubtedly a dreamy combination, so here’s a cheeky recipe for almond, apple and rhubarb baked oats!

2 thoughts on “What’s In Your Veggie Box (Week 30B)

  1. Brett Marshall says:

    Delicious fresh produce from our local farmers. Thank you. How good is this, & how fortunate to live down here.

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