What’s In Your Veggie Box (Week 33A)

In the small and regular boxes:

Red onions – There isn’t any meal that can’t be improved by some flavoursome caramelised onions, and make sure you save some to add to these delightful beef and veggie pasties.

Pumpkin – Have a go at making Amy’s highly praised hasselback pumpkin and lentil bake or even her wombok salad with honey soy glazed pumpkin.

Mushrooms – Always a real treat, these gourmet mixed mushies are perfect sautéed, in a risotto or even in a creamy mushroom pasta.

Green Cabbage – It won’t have the same colour, but for vibrant flavour and balance of sweetness try this braised red cabbage with apple and beetroot.

Avocado  – Using this week’s veg make a variation of these mushroom, avocado and red onion quesadillas for a tasty lunch!

Broccoli  – A hearty and scrumptious meal, make a green vegetable and lentil cottage pie to warm yourself up on these chilly evenings.

In the large boxes:

Beetroot – Simple and beautifully rich in colour and flavour, this beetroot curry is perfect served with some rice or roti bread.

Brussels Sprouts – Roast your sprouts with apple and red onion for a wonderfully flavoursome combination.

Mixed Herbs – A happy herby bunch of mixed aromatic goodies to spruce up your cooking needs – toss them in your pans of roasted veg, quiches, stews and this yummy herby mushroom bruschetta.

Radish – Last minute swap this week guys- Paul and Claire had a few markets cancelled over the weekend due to COVID so we said we could help them out b putting radishes in boxes! Don’t fret- we’ll harvest our herbs next week instead 🙂

In the fruit boxes:

Ruby grapefruit – Enjoy them just as they are or try this incredibly simple grapefruit and avocado salad with a citrus vinaigrette dressing.

Apples (Jonagold) – Whether you just snack on them, put them in an apple and cinnamon porridge for breaky or experiment with some iso-baking and bake a toffee apple tart, you really can’t go wrong with these sweet honey-scented variety of apples!

Kiwi fruit – A few years ago I remember making these tasty fish tacos with kiwi fruit salsa and red cabbage slaw and they really are splendid. The last week of kiwis for the season so be sure to relish them while they last!

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