What’s in your Veggie Box (34B)

Vegetables this week include: kale, potatoes, spring onions, cauliflower, fennel, snow peas plus in the large box broccoli, dutch carrots and herb bunches. Fruit will be kiwifruit, mandarins and apples.

Linda, our wonderfully multi-talented market gardener, would love me to pass along that you ought not to fret if you spy a little bug or two on your veg, as this is a reassuring reminder that all our veg is organically grown and works in harmony with nature, not against it! So if you see a slug nibbling on your large outer cabbage leaves, or a caterpillar curled up on a piece of kale, remember that they are friends not foe! Toss them back into the garden, give your veg a good ol’ wash, and enjoy the splendours of nature.

In the small and regular boxes:

Kale – Enjoy your dense, leafy greens this week in some cauliflower pizzas with mozzarella, kale and lemon.

Potatoes – Toss them in with some oven roasted veg and herbs or use as a topping for a spring onion, kale and fish pie.

Cauliflower – A regular favourite in our house, this renowned cauliflower cake by Ottolenghi is truly something to behold! Give it a go, it’s ever so delicious.

Spring onions – Perfect for adding to a fish pie, egg fried rice, a quick pasta meal, or even ramen, though you can’t go wrong with a potato and spring onion duo so here’s Nigella’s spanish omelette, or these potato and spring onion pancakes served with avo.

Fennel – Spring is only a few weeks away and finally fennel is making its way back to our boxes! Enjoy the beautifully subtle anise aroma in this beautiful fennel and freekah soup.

Snow Peas – Pea season is only just starting on the Peninsula, so we aren’t sure exactly how many we will be able to harvest this week. Over the next few weeks though we will be shring what we pick through everyone’s box 🙂 Generally when thinking of snow peas, a classic stir-fry jumps to mind (great for this week’s veg with broccoli, carrots, spring onions and kale), but one of my favourite ways of eating snow peas is in Ottolenghi’s pasta salad with pecorino and pistachios – the different flavours and textures in this dish are superb.

In the large boxes:

Mixed Herbs – A happy herby bunch of mixed aromatic goodies to spruce up your cooking needs – toss them in your pans of roasted veg, quiches, stews and this yummy herby mushroom bruschetta.

Broccoli – Blitz up your nutrient packed veg for this delightful broccoli and carrot top soup, served with some crusty organic sourdough bread.

Dutch Carrots – These caramelised sticky roasted carrots are an exceptional side dish to any meal!

In the fruit boxes:

Kiwi – If you fancy another kiwifruit recipe this week, here’s a soft and sweet kiwi lime loaf cake with yoghurt.

Mandarins – This mandarin and almond cake is a lovely recipe, which requires only 4 ingredients and the reward is splendid!

Apples – Have you ever made an apple and kiwi crumble? It sure sounds like it would tickle my taste buds, and I imagine even better with some choc chips on top!

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