What’s In Your Veggie Box (Week 35A)

calednular flower

Vegetables this week include: bok choy, beetroot, swiss brown mushies, fennel, carrots, snow peas for medium boxes, chillies for smalls and large boxes plus in the large box leeks, potatoes and avocado. Fruit will be mandarins, pears and oranges.

In the small and regular boxes:

Bok Choy – Make a stir-fried bok choy with carrots and ginger this week for something quick and simple!

Beetroot – This beetroot and avocado salad is filled with lots of nutritious goodies which will keep you going all day, and you could even serve it with a poached egg for a brunch!

Swiss Brown Mushrooms – With carrots, beetroot, and greens, this colourful mushroom pasta bake is a cheerful way to brighten up the dinner table!

Fennel – Spring is only a few weeks away and finally fennel is making its way back to our boxes! Enjoy the beautifully subtle anise aroma in this beautiful fennel and freekah soup.

Carrots – Another soup recipe to keep you warm and cosy, here’s a roast carrot and fennel soup!

Snow Peas (medium boxes) – Who doesn’t love the delicate crunch and sweetness of snow peas, and what better way to enjoy them than this snow pea, mushroom and noodle stir fry?

Manzana chilli (small and large boxes) – Though they may have the similar round shape of a bell pepper, these little glossy beauties are extremely hot and the utmost caution is advised when handling and eating them! Enjoy a nice kick in this guacamole with chilli.

In the large boxes:

Leeks – A classic favourite, here’s a leek and potato soup to warm your soul.

Potatoes – There are infinite possibilities of cooking up your spuds, and with this week’s veg it’s a perfect opportunity to make a potato bake with avocado, mushrooms and seeds.

Avocado – How does avo on toast get even better? By making avocado toast with garlic mushrooms of course!

In the large boxes:

Mandarins – We get to enjoy more of these glorious mandies this week, they really are one of my favourite sweet, succulent snacks!

Packham Pears – Word on the street is that there is an excess of champagne this year, so grab a bottle of sparkling and make these exquisite champagne and rosewater poached pears.

Oranges – Fennel and orange are the perfect pair, and why not toss in an extra colour and flavour as well to make this fennel, beet and orange salad.

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