What’s In Your Veggie Box (Week 36B)

Vegetables this week include: brown onions, pumpkin, brussels sprouts, lettuce, broccoli, and avocado for small and medium boxes, plus in the large box dutch carrots, cauliflower and snow peas. Fruit will be apples, lemons and oranges.

In the small and regular boxes:

Brown Onions – Enjoy with anything and everything from stews, pasta, soup and quiches! Especially this mouthwatering caramelised onion and kidney bean salad.

Pumpkin – Perhaps you prefer a nice steaming bowl of soup or even fancy adding your pumpkin to something as delicious as these beef and vegetable pasties.

Brussels Sprouts – This creamy potato and brussels sprouts bake is what dreams are made of!

Green Curly Lettuce – Who doesn’t love making an easy peasy side salad to go with their dinner? Just some lettuce, chunks of avo, finely sliced snow peas and carrots with a toasted sesame salad dressing.

Broccoli – Packed with loads of wonderful nutrients, this jewelled grains with broccoli, peas and onion salad is an adaptable meal rich in texture, flavour and colour!

Avocado  –   Ottolenghi’s avocado with curried prawns and lime is really something to behold if you’re looking for something a little exotic this week!

In the large boxes:

Cauliflower – These cauliflower and cumin fritters are a scrumptious brunch, lunch or dinner option served with a lime spiked Greek yoghurt.

Dutch Carrots – Oven roasted with an orange glaze or in this braised chickpeas with carrots, dates and feta, there are plenty of ways to enjoy these lovely bunches of carrots.

Snow Peas (Friday boxes) – Sweet, crunchy goodness, simply blanch your snow peas and serve them with this crispy skinned sweet chilli salmon.

In the fruit boxes:

Granny Smith Apples – Amy’s simple apple tart is a beautiful work of art, and delicious as well!

Lemons – Whether you use them for savoury foods like this whole roasted cauli with lemon and mustard or a sweet dessert such as my childhood favourite lemon and coconut slice, the possibilities are limitless!

Navel Oranges – Having oranges around our house is a must as these days I find I’m always craving a fresh juice, chunks of orange and zest in a salad to add a hint of sweetness, or if I have a sudden urge to make one of my all time winter favourites – mulled wine.

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