About Mother Mary

Mother Mary

Hi HF fans, it’s Mother Mary checking in to say “hi” and let you know a little more about the baker behind the bread you may find in your box.

When I’m not being referred to as ‘Mother’, I go by Hannah.

My baking obsession began when I was 13 or so, learning to make fruit cakes under the watchful eye and patient hand of my grandmother Mary – hence the name. 

After mastering the humble fruit cake, I began turning my hand to trickier bakes like pastries and naturally leavened breads. 

During uni I began selling my creations at local markets, and not long after graduating realised that I didn’t want an office job – I wanted to bake! So that’s what I do. 

This Mother Mary cake was a special treat for Ruairi’s birthday this year!

I love making the absolute best food I can with ingredients I feel proud to tell people about, right here on the Mornington Peninsula. Wherever possible I go for organic and local ingredients, which means I feel good knowing I’m supporting other small businesses along the way.

It also means an unwavering determination to use methods which result in the best product. Sometimes, this takes a bit more time (and a lot more arm work!) but whether it’s hand kneading my sourdough loaves, hand laminating pastry or hand-picking the edible garnishes on my cakes, it’s well worth the extra effort.

As a one woman show, I’d like to say a huge, huge, HUGE thank you to those of you who have given my bread a go. Your support means I get to live out my dream of nourishing the people around me each and every day.

So, if you’re ever in need of a special cake, head over to my website, and if you’re keen to see what’s coming out of the ovens next, make sure to follow me on Instagram.

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