What’s In Your Veggie Box (Week 39A)

Vegetables this week include: Kale, spring onions, potatoes, daikon radish, beetroot and carrots for small and medium boxes, plus in the large box rhubarb, Jerusalem artichokes and bunching broccoli. Fruit will be oranges, mandies and apples.

In the small and regular boxes:

Green Curly Kale – Enjoy your greens this week with this fabulous burnt spring onion dip with curly kale.

Spring Onion – Crispy and delicious, these feta and spring onion stuffed potato skins are an utter delight!

Sebago Potatoes – These superb potatoes are a versatile all-rounder, great for mashing, frying, roasted, making some homemade gnocchi or even this cod, potato and spring onion stew.

Swiss Brown Mushrooms – Baked in the oven with some feta, breadcrumbs, thyme and garlic, these flavoursome favourites are a wonderful addition to brunch, lunch or dinner.

Daikon Radish – Root veg compliment each other wonderfully, whether it be in a nice warming stew or this cold beet, daikon radish and carrot salad.

Beetroot  – Get a little bit fancy with your meal presentation with this beetroot and potato boulangere – even add some finely sliced jerusalem artichokes through it as well if you’re getting a large box!

In the large boxes:

Rhubarb  – A few weeks ago I used my rhubarb in this recipe for salmon with rhubarb sauce and tarragon mayo, and the stewed rhubarb was so beautifully soft and flavoursome. I’ve also just used the rhubarb sauce as a dessert in itself with yoghurt and granola!

Jerusalem Artichokes – Amy’s Jerusalem artichoke and potato rosti is a real winner and extremely delicious served with poached eggs, smoked salmon, a side salad, or even your favourite hummus.

Bunching broccoli – Pop them in a quiche or frittata or make this char grilled sprouting broccoli with sweet tahina.

In the fruit boxes:

Oranges – For some proper good baking therapy you can’t go wrong with Nigella’s chocolate orange cake.

Mandarins – Crisp-skin barramundi with mandarin salsa is perfect for a splash of sweetness with your dinner – add some beetroot and daikon radish too!

Golden delicious apples – A cheerfully bright and tasty apple, perfect for just snacking on or putting in pies, crumbles, sauces and salads!

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