What’s in your Veggie Box (Week 42B)

Vegetables this week include: cauliflower, bunching broccoli, swiss brown mushrooms, potatoes, spring onions and mixed herbs for small and medium boxes, plus in the large box kale and dutch carrots, plus one of broad beans, asparagus or shelling peas. Fruit will be apples, oranges and mandarins.

In the small and regular boxes:

Cauliflower – For a hearty meal, make aloo gobi – a flavoursome curry with potatoes, cauliflower and spices.

Bunching broccoli –  Chargrilled with sesame oil, seeds and a tahini dressing is a simple and yummy way to enjoy your broccolini or even steamed in these fish parcels with broccoli and mushrooms.

Swiss brown mushrooms – This roasted potato, mushroom and raclette toastie is a real comfort food lunch, so treat yourself and enjoy all its cheesy, oozy, flavoursome goodness!

Sebago potatoes – Mostly I just roast my potatoes in the oven to make a tray of crispy wedges with hummus, but for something a little more exciting try this herbed mushroom and potato bake.

Spring Onions – we love spring onion pancakes, and to mix them through scrambled eggs, but you can also slice these finely and add them as a garnish, or stir through a meal just prior to taking off the heat.

Mixed herbs– we rarely get through a whole bunch of herbs from the supermarket, but we do love the flavour that herbs provide, so expect a mixed bunch including some of: bay leaves, rosemary, mint, thyme, sage, coriander and parsley.

In the large boxes:

Kale – Crispy oven roasted kale is my favourite way to eat this leafy green, and for something a little more complex here’s some mozzarella, kale and lemon on cauliflower pizzas.

Broad beans – Another spring special, delicious in Rach’s lush risotto or fry them up into a crispy, scrumptious mess to make some broad beans with garlic, dill and eggs. (Not all boxes will have broad beans, our harvest is only just starting- some will receive shelling peas, or asparagus)

Dutch carrots – This quinoa crumbed salmon with glazed carrots makes a great weeknight meal, and don’t forget you can also eat the carrot tops in soups, pesto, or even sauteed with other veggies!

In the fruit boxes:

Fuji apples – These are so delicious that the other week when we had them, I devoured most of my apples on the drive home! Perfectly crisp and sweet, they certainly make a tasty snack.

Oranges – segment these and use them in a leek and asparagus salad, or juice them for a vitamin C boost!

Mandarins – Beautiful as fresh eating fruit, or try a chicken (or chickpea) mandarin tagine for something a bit different!

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