What’s in your Veggie Box (Week 43A)

Terry the turtle found sunbathing around the paddocks earlier this week.

Vegetables this week include: avocado, broccoli, silverbeet, asparagus, radishes and carrots for small and medium boxes, plus in the large box potatoes, mushrooms and beetroot. Fruit will be lemons, pears and apples.

In the small and regular boxes:

avocado – Who doesn’t love a cheeky bit of avo on toast for breakfast – enjoy with some finely sliced radishes, a squeeze of lemon or lime, and some pan fried mushrooms.

broccoli – For a nutritious and tasty dinner cook your greens up in this silverbeet, ricotta and broccoli pie, and serve with a colourful beet salad.

silverbeet – How to make mashed potato a little more exciting? Mix in some greens, cheese and garlic for a comforting silverbeet and potato smash!

asparagus – Perfect in tarts, quiches, frittatas – here’s a stunning roasted radish and asparagus tart with kale pesto.

french breakfast radishes – These radishes are so peppery and delicious and you can pop them in salads, cook them in pasta or make this exquisite French breakfast radishes with nori, tamari, and avocado.

dutch carrots – This week make Amy’s lush salad which uses carrots, beets, apples and radishes.

In the large boxes:

sebago potatoes – A hearty creamy bake, this delightful potato and beetroot dauphinoise recipe would be a perfect accompaniment to some baked salmon and a salad.

gourmet mushrooms – Some more beautiful oyster and shiitake mixed mushrooms are coming our way this week, and what better way to enjoy them than in Amy’s creamy silverbeet and mushroom pasta sauce!

fennel – We were able to get some last minute deliciously crunchy fennel for our large boxes, perfect for making Amy’s recipes for fennel and freekah soup or roast fennel and pork meatballs.

In the fruit boxes:

lemons – Always a must have in the kitchen for salads dressings, juiced in stews, for a warming ginger, lemon and honey tea or in baked goods.

beurre bosc pears – These beautiful buttery pears are lush as they as for breakfast, in salads with a balsamic dressing or in some freshly baked muffins!

jonagold apples – A perfect snack on its own, or grate it up with your veg in a beet, carrot and apple salad or diced with some oven roasted beets, carrots and apple with a honey glaze.

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