What’s in your Veggie Box (46B)

Vegetables this week include: asparagus, avocado, brocollini, spinach,
cabbage and carrots for small and medium boxes, plus in the large box
beetroot, mushrooms and cauliflower. Fruit will be pears, apples and mandies.

In the small and regular boxes:

asparagus – For the best kind of seasonal breakfast you can’t go wrong with this mouthwatering asparagus with mushrooms and poached eggs!

avocado – This avocado egg salad with asparagus and dill is a nutritious and tasty lunch treat – add in all your lush herbs from the garden.

bunching broccoli  – Use your greens in a delicious broccoli and spinach quiche, perfect for sharing with friends on a picnic in the park with an avocado, asparagus and egg salad!

baby spinach – Whether you enjoy your spinach cooked up in a big breakfast with mushrooms, eggs, toast and haloumi or raw in this spinach, avocado and asparagus salad with orange, enjoy the flavoursome and iron-rich leafy mix this week.

red cabbage – The best thing about cabbage is that it always lasts a decent amount of time in the fridge and goes a long way, so one night you can enjoy some miso salmon with sesame red cabbage and another night try making a vibrantly purple risotto with red cabbage, mushrooms, preserved lemon and a sprinkling of herbs and parmesan on top!

dutch carrots – This incredibly simple and colourful egg, asparagus, carrot and leafy green tart is a wonderful way to scavenge seasonal veg from the box and present in a beautiful and scrumptious way.

In the large boxes:

beetroot – We’ve been growing an abundance of broad beans lately as you may have noticed in your boxes, so for an amazing seasonal salad you should definitely try Amy’s beetroot and broad bean salad!

– A meaty, juicy and flavoursome addition to any meal, try this veggie alternative version of a spinach and mushroom wellington.

cauliflower – My Mum made these crispy cauliflower tacos a few weeks ago and they were oh so moreish and well worth the hassle – definitely don’t miss the Yum Yum sauce either, it’s heaven!

In the fruit boxes:

pears – For a gourmet mix of flavours make a pear, blue cheese and walnut pizza for dinner!

apples –
Apple always makes a wonderful crisp and fresh addition to a salad – slice up finely with cabbage for a beautiful slaw.

mandarins – A triple threat dessert, serve apple mandarin and pear crumble with some lush yoghurt or your favourite ice cream.

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