What’s in your Veggie Box (47A)

Vegetables this week include: radish, bok choy, cauliflower, carrots,
beetroot and garlic for small and medium boxes, plus in the large box
broccoli, avocado and potatoes. Fruit will be strawberries, oranges and pears.

In the small and regular boxes:

radish – Perfect for pan frying or roasting in the oven with some garlic and herbs, or if you love the raw peppery crunch – enjoy them in this orange and radish salad with dates and fennel seeds.

bok choy – A little cabbage always seems to go a long way, so if you’ve got leftover red cabbage from last week’s box it’s a wonderful opportunity to make Amy’s bok choy and cabbage with noodles.

cauliflower  – There was a segment on the radio recently devoted to the best cauliflower recipes, and naturally there are endless possibilities. Some highlights were these cauliflower fritters or cooking flavoursome tandoori cauliflower, but from our own recipe archives here’s a yummy whole roasted cauli with carrots.

dutch carrots – The best thing about this comforting, nostalgic and delicious recipe for grandma’s beef and vegetable pasties is that you can adapt your veggie fillings according to what’s in the box and in season – this week is great for carrot, beetroot, potatoes and garlic!

beetroot – Last week I ended up pulling out all my beetroots from the garden and cooking them up in this recipe for a beetroot and feta lattice – super simple and the vibrant hues of the beets are always a showstopper!

garlic – Delicious, sweet, fragrant garlic! After a long 8-9 months, it’s finally looking like the right time to pull the garlic bulbs out of the ground and eat them fresh or cure them for storage in preparation for using over the next few months – it always blows my mind that it takes the same amount of time to grow just one bulb of garlic as it does a human baby!

In the large boxes:

broccoli – Save the leafy green tops from your dutch carrots this week and cook them up in Amy’s broccoli and carrot top soup.

– This cheesymite avo egg stack is a mouthwatering brunch idea and a fabulous protein filled meal to start your day.

dutch cream potatoes – Crispy and creamy, this potato and rosemary galette is a delicious side to serve with some oven baked fish and a colourful salad.

In the fruit boxes:

strawberries – We’re crossing our fingers for some more beautiful red strawbs this week, they really are a treat!

oranges – Roast up your veg in this delicious salad with beetroot, carrot and orange.

packham pears – Last week my pears ended up in Nigellas’s pear, pistachio and rose cake – so easy to make and if you have roses in your garden which are just beginning to bloom, you can borrow a few petals for decorating the top of the cake!

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