What’s in your Veggie Box (49A)

Vegetables this week include: salad mix, dutch carrots, potatoes, asparagus,
spring onions and beetroot for small and medium boxes, plus in the large box swiss brown mushrooms, kale and avocado. Fruit will be apples, berries and cherries.

In the small and regular boxes:

salad mix – While we try to minimise waste as much as possible, we do pack our salad mix into brown paper bags to keep it safe for
delivery. However when you receive it at home it’s best to transfer it into an airtight container or reuse a plastic bag for storing in the fridge as this will keep it fresher for longer! If your leafy greens ever do wilt, soak them in a sink full of cold water to revive them.

dutch carrots – For a quick and simple yet delicious side dish try these carrots with garlic, ginger, spring onion and smoked chilli butter.

dutch cream potatoes  – This recipe for crushed potatoes with garlic, dill, chargrilled spring onions and peas embraces all the wonderful flavours of spring! 

asparagus – I adore asparagus on pizza or through a delicious risotto, but they are equally wonderful in a salad with leafy greens and potatoes!

spring onions – A splendid addition to pizza, pasta, salads or even these devilishly delicious spring onion and swiss brown mushroom fritters.

beetroot – Heading off to a picnic this week to enjoy the sunshine? Don’t forget to take Amy’s beetroot dip with you and some fresh sourdough bread!

In the large boxes:

avocado – Smash some avo up with spring onions, lemon or lime juice, fresh herbs and season with salt and pepper and enjoy on toast with some eggs and roasted mushies!

green curly kale –  Crispy oven roasted kale is always a real treat or you could try a creamy kale and mushroom gratin.

swiss brown mushrooms – Mushies always bring a full-bodied flavour to food and are especially scrumptious in some cheeky mushroom and spring onion dumplings.

In the fruit boxes:

granny smith apples – Perfect for making Amy’s simple apple tart!

mixed berries – Only a few days until it’s officially Summer and we are overjoyed that berry season is finally starting. Fingers crossed that the weather behaves itself so we can gobble them up!

cherries – If you end up with cherry juice all over your face after devouring the entire punnet of these beauties, then you’re doing it right! 

UHT Milk

Last week was our last delivery of organic, locally produced UHT milk. Regular customers of UHT milk have already been notified 🙂

Now is a great opportunity to find some local, organic and zero waste milk options instead. During lockdown we wanted to provide a milk option for our community and reduce the need for anyone to visit the shops. Now that lockdown has eased, milk in glass bottles is a better option!

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