Opening Hours over Christmas and New Year

As the traffic on our delivery runs gets a little wilder, we’ve turned our planning brains to the Christmas period. Everything from emptying the greenhouses of seedlings, to making sure there aren’t crops to harvest while we take a veggie box break!

But here’s what it means to you:

Farm Tours: These are a go go. We run them at 10am on Saturdays and Sundays, and from the 27th to the 31st of December they will be on every day. You can book in here. Or if you get a veggie box just let us know when you’d like to bring your family and we’ll book you in for free. We want you to see where your food comes from 🙂

Custom Christmas Orders: These extra goodies need to be ordered by midday on Sunday 20th of December. They’ll be ready for pick up on Wednesday the 23rd of December, 3-6pm, so all the berries and cherries will be nice and fresh for Christmas. If you normally get your produce delivered, put that in your order’s comments section, and we’ll make sure to deliver it with your regular order instead!

Vegetable Boxes: So turns out Christmas day is a Friday, and beyond making sure all our animals have fresh Christmas pasture, we don’t want to work that day. Plus we figure you all have better things to do than wait around ready to pop your produce in the fridge. So, for Christmas week:

Tuesday 22nd Delivery will be as normal, but will also include all our Wednesday customers (Shoreham, Hastings, Tuerong, etc). If you’ve added any custom items, we’ll add them to your delivery.

Wednesday 23rd Delivery will be to Mt Eliza and Frankston; all our usual Friday box getters + any of their special orders.

Wednesday 23rd Pick Ups will be from 3-6pm for all our Friday and Saturday farm pick up folks, and for any custom orders that don’t have subscriptions.

And then we’re taking a break from vegetables. We know lots of you are are going away, and Matt and I are taking a little breather too, so we can come back enthused and excited about grubbing in the soil again. Our first boxes of the new year will go out on Tues the 12th, Wed the 13th and Fri 15th of January. If you’re on a fortnightly box you’ll be allocated a start week, (and messaged). If it makes a difference to your schedule, then please let us know!

Enjoy all the food and family and fun over the Christmas period, try not to fill your home with too many things that will be thrown away, and we look forward to sharing the bounty of Summer with you on the other side.

2 thoughts on “Opening Hours over Christmas and New Year

  1. Helen says:

    Hello Rachel and team,
    Thank you for keeping us so well fed during the lockdown. We’ve really appreciated being able to eat so healthily and the opportunity to try out some delicious new recipes.

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