What’s in your Veggie Box (3A)

Vegetables this week include: garlic, potatoes, capsicum, sweet corn,
snow peas and spinach for small and medium boxes, plus in the large box sweet potato, tomato and zucchini. Fruit will be raspberries and blueberries.

In the small and regular boxes:

garlic – Over the holidays, my Mum has made these absolutely mouth-watering Ottolenghi olive oil flatbreads with three garlic butter at least four times so far and they are an absolute dream. A perfect appetiser when you’re having friends over for dinner!

potatoesTry making this flavoursome salad of warm mackerel with potato and garlic for a delightful summer dinner!

capsicum  – One of my favourite brunches of all time is shakshouka, a hearty combination of simmering tomatoes, garlic, capsicum and eggs which will fill you up all day.

sweet corn – Be sure to add this spicy grilled corn in harissa mayo to the menu if you’re having some friends over for a summery BBQ.

snow peas – A wonderful addition raw and finely sliced in a salad or stir fried in a dish like this simple teriyaki tofu with snow peas.

spinach – As I’m writing this I’ve just finished eating my lunch which was the leftovers of this spinach lasagne – it’s so simple and tasty and we added some mushrooms for extra flavour which was delicious!

In the large boxes:

Sweet potato – I came across Nigella’s recipe for sweet potato tacos a little while ago and have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to try them. Lately I’ve also been making cheesy sweet potato quesadillas as a lazy dinner and they are oh so scrumptious.

tomatoes – It’s still fairly early in the tomato growing season, so if any of your tomatoes are looking a little pale, leave them on the windowsill to ripen up. Slice them finely and served with some fragrant basil, bocconcini, leafy greens, olive oil and balsamic vinegar for a light, refreshing caprese salad.

zucchini – Some of our zucchini plants have been growing very rapidly, so if you find yourself with one of our mammoth zucchinis this week, I’ve been told that they are delicious stuffed and roasted in the oven.

In the fruit boxes:

raspberries – These delicate, sweet berries are pure bliss – enjoy with some yoghurt and muesli for breaky!

TBC – As you may have noticed the weather has been crazy with so much rain over the past few weeks and it’s really affected the seasonal range of fruit. We’re currently underway deciding on what our second fruit will be for this week, but stay tuned and we’ll update the blog as soon as possible.

blueberries – I’m pretty sure my blueberries from the previous week lasted all of 5 minutes before I’d gobbled them up – the wonderful farm where we get them gives us a mixed range of blueberries varieties so every mouthful is a divine burst of different flavours!

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