What’s in your Veggie Box (17A)

Vegetables this week include: beetroot, potatoes, silverbeet, Brazillian starfish chillis, broccolini and yellow squash in the small and medium boxes, plus raddicchio, cucumbers and mushrooms in the large box. Fruit will be lemons, figs and kiwi fruit.

In the small and medium boxes:

Beetroot – Enjoy it in its natural form by roasting and sprinkled with thyme, pickled or if you’re stuck with what to do with your pumpkin from last week, why not try this roasted pumpkin and beetroot salad

Potatoes – This cheese and potato bake is a great wintry comfort dish from the French Alps. Of course your family favourites of mashed, baked or boiled potatoes aren’t easy to pass up.

Silverbeet – A great recipe to combine your potatoes and silverbeet is this wilted silverbeet, chickpea, chorizo and crispy potato and you can also even swap out the chorizo for beetroot to make a delicious vegetarian meal.

Brazillian Starfish Chillis – Chillis are not everyone’s cup of tea, however, these exotic looking Brazillian chillis are flavoursome and grown in Shorham from Fruit Forest. This medium heat chilli has a sweet and fruity flavour. Even with just a few chillis you can make your own pickled chilli and garlic or add them into the broccolini or radicchio recipes below.

Broccolini – A simple recipe of garlic broccolini for garlic lovers and crispy oven-roasted broccolini for those who are not.

Yellow Squash – You can roast, steam and stir fry squash but for a tasty treat you can try this sauteed yellow squash

In the large boxes:

Radicchio – Try this penne with radicchio, silverbeet and bacon as a family pasta meal.

Cucumber – This end-of-season salad vegetable can be sliced up into finger pieces and eaten with your favourite dip or you could make some sweet or savory pickled cucumber.

Mushrooms This herby mushroom bruschetta is sure to please or for the budget conscious try this roast mushrooms and charred onions as a great alternative.

In the fruit boxes this week:

This week we have lemons, sweet figs and juicy kiwis! A great combination of figs and kiwi would be this kiwi, fig and walnut jam with honey mascarpone. Unfortunately, our figs order fell through so we have replaced them with delicious Gala apples. Please be aware that the kiwi fruit may need a few days to ripen.

We also have a treat from our garden of a small bunch of fresh bay leaves which can be used in your spaghetti sauce, casseroles or stews to add some extra depth of flavour. You only need 2-3 leaves in a big pot. However, you can also hang them in your pantry and they will deter weevils, ants and cockroaches.


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