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Bok choy and Cabbage with Noodles

Bok choy cabbage noodles

For when you’re wanting a good serve of veggies but a meal in under 10 minutes, look no further than cooking up some bok choy and cabbage with noodles. It’s kind of like two minute noodles, but healthier, because you’re getting a delicious dose of greens! Soba noodles have been used for this recipe because […]

Cabbage, Beetroot and Apple Salad

cabbage beetroot apple salad

Who said you need salads to be green?! Break the rules with this red cabbage, beetroot and apple salad. A way to brighten up these winter veggies and fruit, especially now that spring is well and truly here! I’ve never been a big fan of creamy coleslaws, so for me this is my version of […]

Green Vegetable and Lentil Cottage Pie

Green Vegetable and Lentil Cottage Pie

A nice way to warm up is with a green vegetable and lentil cottage pie straight from the oven. Packed full of leafy greens and delightfully nutritious vegetables, it is bound to please after a day of adventures outdoors. The cabbage and leek really are the stars of the base, in my opinion. If you […]