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Spring Risotto

Risotto is a ubiquitous dish in our household- it’s simple, filling, takes only half an hour and I always have the necessary ingredients. Traditional risotto usually features autumn veggies (pumpkin or mushrooms) but you can make a beautiful dish using the bounty of spring. Tonight’s used silverbeet, shelling peas, asparagus brocolli and silverbeet. But substitutions […]

Green Vegetable and Lentil Cottage Pie

Green Vegetable and Lentil Cottage Pie

A nice way to warm up is with a green vegetable and lentil cottage pie straight from the oven. Packed full of leafy greens and delightfully nutritious vegetables, it is bound to please after a day of adventures outdoors. The cabbage and leek really are the stars of the base, in my opinion. If you […]

Broccoli and Carrot Top Soup

Broccoli and carrot top soup

What is great about broccoli and carrot top soup is that you get a nutritious dish and zero foot wastage! A simple dish that can be thrown together in just over half an hour makes it also a great dish for evenings where you want to eat well but don’t have as much time as […]