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Farming Inspirations

River Cottage Farming Inspiration

Everyone idolises heroes or outstanding people in their desired field, and farming is no different. We have farming inspirations that have contributed to out interest in farming and the methods we intend to implement. Having a farming inspiration has helped me formulate ideas, see what farming may really be like and also work out what […]

Vidamour farm

Front paddock at Vidamour Farm

We have found land! Well, we’ve found land in a manner of speaking. Vidamour Farm is a ten acre property located in Moorooduc (VIC) and owned by the delightful Eric and Mabel Vidamour. They have been generous enough to open up around an acre to learning farmers. It is an experiment for them: they are […]

Social Media and Farming

Social Media Blog Post Image

Social media has been a phenomenon in the last few years. Facebook only started in 2004 – a decade ago. And look where it’s gone since! We’re using social media a little bit, and so I thought I’d write a blog post explaining why we’re using social media when we’re farming. Social media and transparency […]