Vidamour farm

Front paddock at Vidamour Farm

We have found land! Well, we’ve found land in a manner of speaking. Vidamour Farm is a ten acre property located in Moorooduc (VIC) and owned by the delightful Eric and Mabel Vidamour. They have been generous enough to open up around an acre to learning farmers. It is an experiment for them: they are getting too old to work the entire farm themselves, and would dearly love to see people around, and the place restored to some of it’s former glory. If it’s a success, they plan to open up more of their property, where they currently keep a few cows just to maintain the place.

The benefit to us and the other learners is a space to practise that’s bigger than a backyard. Matt will use some land closer to the front of the property to run some ducks (starting with the ten raised from ducklings). This week Matt will be testing the electric fencing by connecting it to the newly purchased solar energiser – with the birds expected to be relocated to Vidamour Farm by the end of the week. Provided all goes well.

Fortunately, Vidamour Farm also has a dam which can provide plenty of water to both animals and plants. During summer, this will be particularly important with heat stress and dehydration an issue for both of our enterprises.

Green Manure Crop at Vidamour Farm
Here is Paul tending to Farmer Incubator’s green manure crop. Garlic will be planted here in the coming months, and there will be a workshop.

Another benefit to Vidamour Farm is its close proximity to our current house in Frankston. While of course we would love to live on-farm, it’s simply not possible at the moment (money!). Finding a place within about 15-20 minute drive means that we can get to the farm a couple of times a day when necessary and it doesn’t take up too much of our day.

Rach has planted a range of tomato varieties including: Tommy Toe, Purple Russian and many more as well as some chilli bushes. All seem to be growing quite well, with a number of flowers on the chilli bushes and tomatoes already harvested! Rach has also planted some corn and melons at Vidamour Farm.

Mabel previously farmed tomatoes in two of the large greenhouses located on the property, and some of her photos show her tomato plants covering the entire greenhouse with the plants forming arches over the walkways.

Want to join Vidamour Farm?

There is a Facebook page for Vidamour Farm and the Farmer Incubator group as well. If you’re interested in attending a working bee, you can come along by visiting this Facebook event.

Aerial Image of Vidamour Farm
This is an aerial image of Vidamour Farm. The greenhouse to the right in the image is no longer standing and was taken down several years ago. All of the glass in that greenhouse has been saved to repair the greenhouse on the left.

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