Buy and sell ducks

Buy and Sell Ducks

We are currently selling some Khaki Campbell ducks. If you’re interested, please contact us. They must be picked up from the farm (we are not shipping or delivering, sorry!).

Ducks are an extremely popular bird species across the world, as they provide eggs, meat and down which all come in very useful. Unfortunately, there is not a big duck community in Australia. This makes it difficult to buy or sell ducks.

I’m currently going through the process of buying ducks, and I’ve quickly begun to realise just how much information I need to learn! There are a number of factors that need to be considered when buying or selling ducks. I’ve listed some information that I’ve found well worth considering if you want to buy or sell ducks. If you’re after more information, check out the Victorian Waterfowl Association who may be able to help.

Purpose of your ducks

What do you want your ducks for? Most people just want a cute little egg-layer that can waddle around the backyard. If this is the case, then it may be worth trying to buy one of the foraging and egg-laying breeds. An Indian Runner duck or a Khaki Campbell would probably suit this purpose quite well. If you’re looking to grow a duck for meat, then some of the larger meat breeds are the way to go. Note that some breeds are able to do both reasonably well – I’ve read that some strains of Khaki Campbell in particular.

Some people enjoy showing birds at fares across the state or country. Are you interested in getting top quality birds and trying to win prizes? If so, it’s well worth looking into a breeder’s manual and show guide, which are available through waterfowl or poultry societies. It’s also worth contacting some of the best breeders available, to ensure that you are able to procure birds from the best lines. Otherwise it will take years to mould your birds into the top performing show birds.

Duck breeds

With fewer people keeping ducks in Australia, and strict quarantine on importing animals, it can be difficult to source certain duck breeds. One of the most popular breeds available in Australia is the Indian Runner duck. These are cute little penguin-like ducks. They run on their hind legs and lay lots of eggs. Indian Runners come in a range of colours from black to fawn and white. I’m looking at getting some of these in the near(ish) future for their egg laying ability.

Another great egg laying breed is the Khaki Campbell. These ducks will lay you lots of eggs, and will be reasonably sizes (so you could pop it in the pot eventually if you were so inclined). Khaki’s are pretty good foragers – so you won’t need to spend too much on their food as they’ll be able to get much of it themselves. At the moment I have one awesome egg-laying Khaki Campbell called Tonks.

Muscovies are another popular breed, and are apparently significantly larger than the other two. My understanding is that Muscovies are bred mainly for meat or showing (rather than their egg laying).

As you can imagine, there are plenty of other duck breeds which can be researched online. Pure bred ducks are relatively rare, and you will often find that any ducks available for sale will have a number of bloodlines in them. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because if you will buy or sell ducks, they could include a range of favourable traits not normally associated with the breed.

Quality of the ducks

During my research I have found that there are three levels of duck quality and pricing, and it’s well worth thinking about the quality of bird you’re looking to buy or sell. The quality of the duck will determine its price. Take into account your requirements so that you can maximise value, and only pay for what you need.

Backyard quality

Backyard quality is exactly what it says. It means that the duck is good for the backyard. It will lay eggs reasonably often, and may be an old or a young bird. Backyard quality is the cheapest, but also the most likely to have a dud. Don’t expect too much from a backyard quality bird, but don’t expect to pay too much. Depending on the breed and age, you should be able to pick a duck up for less than $20. These are advertised on Gumtree predominantly.

Laying quality

Laying quality are the least common. Very few people are farming ducks for the production of duck eggs. Unless you’re looking at bulk buying from a hatchery, I’ve yet to come across any breeder willing to sell ducks for laying purposes. But it may happen in the future!

Show Quality

Show quality birds are always the most expensive. Birds that are considered show quality are entered into competitions across the country and can win prizes. The more prizes a duck wins, the more valuable the bird. Show quality birds will exhibit the features that the breed is supposed to exhibit. For example, your duck will be judged on its stance and posture as well as the colour of its feathers amongst other features.

If you’re interested in showing ducks, then it’s worth contacting a respected breeder like Akers.

Where to buy and sell ducks

Facebook groups are also a popular place to buy and sell ducks directly with other backyard duck enthusiasts. One of the best groups that I have found is this one. These are great groups because you can ask questions and have a look at what other people are doing. With a great community you can learn quickly and get some of the birds you’re after. The only downside is that duck Facebook groups are often relatively small and the group members are spread out over large areas of Australia, so it may be worth finding a local Facebook group.

There are a range of poultry auctions that are held throughout Victoria and Australia. These auctions are usually advertised on Facebook pages and on your local industry association website.

Occasionally ducklings will be for sale at markets. In Victoria, there is a gentleman who sometimes comes and sells ducklings at the Queen Victoria market in Melbourne. I’m sure this would be the same in other states too.

Heritage Farm

As mentioned at the start of this post, I am always looking to add to my duck collection. I am not looking for show-quality ducks as I focus on egg production. I am interested in introducing new breeds of ducks and learning more about the intricacies of the species. If you’re interested in selling ducks, please contact me!

65 thoughts on “Buy and sell ducks

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for checking out our blog! Your blog and your whole idea are amazing 🙂 Are you hoping to eventually sell your eggs? I’ve always wanted to have a chook or two, but maybe ducks are the answer. Don’t tell my partner haha

  2. Matt Taylor says:

    Hi Elizabeth – thanks for reading our blog! Your images on your blog are fantastic. I really felt like I was there and got to sort of experience part of your travels.

    At the moment we’re mainly giving the ducks eggs away to friends and family to use in their cooking. It’s been really interesting getting their feedback – and we think it’s great research.

    There are already a few people who have placed orders for when we’ve got supply, so that’s really exciting!

    Having ducks in the backyard is lots of fun. They have distinct personalities and many breeds are quiet and lay lots of eggs! The only problem – ducks are very messy! You could always turn up with a cute duckling one day… Nobody could say no to that!

  3. Callum says:

    Hi there, just wondering what breed of duck is the brown one in the photo at the top of this buy and sell page? He’s very cute!

    • Matt Taylor says:

      Hi Callum,

      Tonks (the brown duck in the picture at the top of this page) was a Khaki Campbell X Pekin. Unfortunately she was taken by a fox 🙁 She was certainly a gorgeous bird and had a great personality as well.


    • Matt Taylor says:

      Hi there – unfortunately we do not currently sell female mallard ducks. I encourage you to try your local poultry Facebook group – or waterfowl association.

  4. LARRY says:

    Hello ,

    Am looking to purchase trio of Indian runner ducks . Live between Albury and Wagga , none on local poultry web site .
    no problems with traveling

    • Matt Taylor says:

      Hi Larry,

      We do not have any Indian Runner Ducks for sale. I would try poultry Facebook groups (including “All things duck for sale, swap…” and the Victorian Waterfowl Association Facebook page. The Association itself doesn’t seem particularly active. If these don’t work, I would look at Akers and potentially poultry shows that are on every now and again.

      Hope that helps,


  5. Jasmine says:

    I am trying to sell my mallard duck she is sweet beautiful just dont have the time for her on top of being some ones live in nanny

    • Matt Taylor says:

      Hi Jasmine,
      Try and connect with your local Poultry Club – they often have an auction once a month. If you can’t find one, try Facebook and Gumtree (or Craigslist) as there are often many people looking for animals on these platforms.

      Hope you’re able to find a new home for your Mallard!


  6. Jade Caldwell says:

    Hi matt how are you?
    I am looking for 2 ducklings as pets for my kids for easter and im hoping you can help.
    6 years ago we bought one at the queen vic market for my bday. His name was squiggles. Unfortunately he had to be put down as he broke his foot and it did not heal after alot of treatment. I would really like to get 2 more to become our pets again.
    Hopping you can help!
    Thanks jade

    • Matt Taylor says:

      Hi Jade – well thank you 🙂
      Poor Squiggles! Ducks make great pets, and I’m sure your kids had a great time with him.
      We are planning on having ducklings available closer to Easter. Easter us 1st of April, do you know a specific date that you would like them? Do you mind the breed?


    • Rachael Koch says:

      Hi Jade,
      I’m not sure if you’re still looking for ducklings for your kids this Easter? But we’ve just had one hatch, and may have another in the next few days. If you’re still keen, get in touch, and we’ll organise a time for you to check them out.

  7. Margaret Schmidt says:

    We have 13 ducklings for sale they are approx 2 weeks old. They are Muscovy and possibly some are crossed with Peking

  8. Mary says:

    Hi there, thanks for your sharing, we have a duck farm with about 2000 ducks every month, we are looking the market for these, please help me!!

  9. Sally Walsh says:

    Hi Matt . We are about to purchase a property on the mid north coast that has wonderful natural wetlands and have been looking into running free range ducks for egg product . How have things been going for you ?

    • Matt Taylor says:

      Hi Sally. Things are going great for us down here – plenty of demand for top quality duck eggs. Just beware that ducks will need flowing water – stagnant water can cause health problems when there are a few ducks in a dam/pond/lake. Happy to answer any questions and best of luck!

  10. Anjana Karawita says:

    Hi Matt

    Do you breed black swans? Do you know any black swan breeders?

    Thank you so much

    • Matt Taylor says:

      Hi Anjana,
      Sorry – I’m not aware of anyone who is selling or breeding black swans in Australia. Not sure what the legalities around it are too – as a native I imagine there are licences involved if it’s legal at all. Best bet would be to try the Victorian Waterfowl Association. Otherwise Peel Ridge Stud (in NSW) might know of someone.


    • Matt Taylor says:

      Hi Bob,
      Thanks for your comment – your best bet is to visit the agricultural shows in your region and connect with the quality breeders there. Another option is to join a the Khaki Campbell Facebook group, which often has ducks available. Fertile eggs are probably your best bet if you’re comfortable incubating.
      Hope that helps!


    • Matt Taylor says:

      Hi Lisa,

      Unfortunately we don’t sell any eggs at Vic Market. We currently have some ducklings for sale at our farm in Moorooduc. Please let me know if you’re interested.



    • Matt Taylor says:

      Hi Evelyn,

      Thanks for your comment. Where are you located? Might help if someone is nearby and interested in some of our ducks and drakes.



    • Matt Taylor says:

      Hi Cate,

      Sorry – we don’t sell call ducks. They’re pretty commonly found at local poultry auctions though. Are you located in Victoria?



  11. B says:

    desperate for any khaki campbell/swedish blue/indian runner ducklings/fertilized eggs. I am way up north, on Galiwinku island and am finding it impossible to find ducks!

    • Matt Taylor says:

      Hi B,

      I imagine it would be challenging find ducks out on Galiwinku Island! I know there are lots of duck and duck egg sellers in outback Queensland (or even Brisbane), which are probably your closest option. If there’s a seller willing to ship fertilised duck eggs, that’s probably going to be your best bet. Shipping live ducks out to you would probably be rather cost prohibitive.

      Ask around on Facebook and occasionally Gumtree for someone who can help you out. Sorry that’s the best I can do!

      Good luck,


      • Lisa says:

        I’ve bred Swedish for 15yrs plus, only breeding to show this season so if anyone would like eggs toward the end of the year please get in contact.
        Located sth highlands of NSW
        Kindest Regards, Lisa

  12. Fex Mendez says:

    I have 17 ducklings at home. They are white cute flying ducks. Hatched on 21st March.
    Can anyone help me where I should sell them or how to get contacts to sell. We cannot manage them all since after 3 months they all will ready to fly (wont fly away). We dont have space to manage all 17 together.

    • Matt Taylor says:

      Hi Fex,

      Thanks for your message. Sounds like you’re in quite the pickle, and need to move on your ducks as quickly as possible!

      I’m not sure where you’re located, but perhaps Gumtree or Craigslist might be the best option to try and sell your ducks. Otherwise local poultry shows/sales are another option.

      Hope that helps!


  13. Kylie says:

    Hi there I’m looking for 2 baby ducks for my kids I live in toora vic I’d love some help to find 2

    • Matt Taylor says:

      Hi Kylie,

      Thanks for your message. At the moment we only have a pair of Pekin ducks – one male and one female. Baby ducks will be more common in later this month and October.



    • Matt Taylor says:

      Hi Marwan,

      Unfortunately we don’t have any fertilised duck eggs available. Sometimes they’re available on Gumtree – or alternatively you could try a local poultry club. I believe our closest one is Warragul. Hopefully that helps.


    • Matt Taylor says:

      Hi Lunar,

      Thanks for comment. I’m not familiar with swans unfortunately. Your local poultry club might be able to help. I understand that you would require a “WILDLIFE BASIC LICENCE VICTORIA” in order to own a swan 🙂


  14. Marc Glover says:

    Hello Heritage Farm.
    I’m not sure if you can help me but I am looking to buy 2 ducks and a drake for the back yard as pets for my son as well as (secondly) for eggs. Personally I prefer a small breed and my son likes the brown duck. I am wondering if you may be able to help me with this??. Thanks very much.
    Marc Glover…& Nathan.

    • Matt Taylor says:

      Hi Marc and Nathan,

      At this stage we’re not selling any ducks. Probably your best bet is to keep an eye on Gumtree or alternatively check in with your local poultry clubs.

      There are also occasionally ducks for sale from farms near Pakenham and Koo Wee Rup – just check Facebook and search for chickens 🙂

      Hope that helps,


    • Matt Taylor says:

      Hi Paul,

      We’d encourage you to get in touch with your local poultry club if you haven’t already, otherwise hopefully someone who visits this page may be able to help!



  15. Lex DUNN says:

    Hi Matt,

    Just wondering if you know where I could find a breeder of Ancona ducks? I am from SE Qld and notice most of those on this forum are from Victoria.
    Maybe you can help?
    Thanks Matt,


    • Matt Taylor says:

      Hi Lex,

      Thanks for your comment. I’ve not come across a specific breeder of Ancona ducks I’m afraid. There are a few breeders of the less common ducks that can be found in different duck facebook groups. I’d also get in touch with your local poultry club (or at least a Brisbane club) who are often able to point you in the right direction. Sorry I can’t be of more help!


    • Matt Taylor says:

      Hi Bronwyn,

      Sorry, not really. I always suggest contacting a local poultry club. Otherwise there was a place on the Gold Coast that was shipping ducklings, but I don’t have personal experience with them I’m afraid.



  16. Mellonie says:

    Hi Matt,
    Great Blog! Thank you for sharing your info.
    We’ve always been a chicken family but since moving to Warragul we are now looking at Ducks mostly for help with slug control, the occasional egg and hopefully a couple of lovely family pets. Could you recommend anyone that may have Khaki Campbell or Indian Runners?

    • Matt Taylor says:

      Hi Mellonie,

      Thanks for your message! Warragul is such a beautiful part of the world and hope you’re enjoying it out there.

      Khakis occasionally come up for sale on Gumtree or on Khaki Campbell Facebook pages (depending on how pure bred you’re after, expect to pay $$$). Otherwise there are some Khaki ducklings that Wagner’s in Coldstream sell. They’re a battery hen operation, so prepare yourself for that.

      Runners tend to be more difficult to find. Maybe try the Warragul Poultry Club 🙂

      Hope that helps!


  17. Zara says:

    Hey Matt,

    At home, we have a small garden with fruits and veggies, but dad has been having problems with slugs and other small pests. I know of the Indian runner ducks and bantam ducks could possibly work to devour the little pests and they’d also give a natural fertiliser to the soil. I’d also love to have a pet duck or two, but I’m not too sure where to look. If you’ve got any tips or sources please send them through.

    Ta, Happy New year

    • Matt Taylor says:

      Hi Zara,

      Apologies for the delayed reply. Worth looking at local poultry clubs. They’ll have members with ducks available or could point you to someone who has ducks available.

      Gumtree and Facebook are other options, just be careful. People can sell diseased or unhealthy birds. And try and view them yourself before buying. Hope that helps!


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