We’re entering the Red Hill Show!

Cross breed ducks Red Hill Show

Just in the last week we were informed that entries are opening for the forthcoming Red Hill Show!

We will be entering a number of categories in the Red Hill Show on the 28th of March this year, and we are both extremely excited! Well, I’m probably a bit more excited than Rach right now – but I’m confident that she’ll come round soon.

Last year when we went to the Red Hill Show, we found that there weren’t many poultry entries. In particular, there were very few ducks. This gives me a great deal of hope. The last time I entered the Red Hill Show was when I was in school and won second prize for my cake decorating, so I’ve got my fingers crossed to go one better this year – albeit in a different category.

Entries into the Red Hill Show

Entries to the Red Hill Show need to be in by the 13th of March, so there’s still plenty of time to decide exactly what competitions we’re entering. This is particularly important for Rach because her plants will still be growing over the next two months and she can finalise what’s looking good closer to the time and enter the appropriate vegetable categories.

At this stage, I’m thinking of making multiple entries because the cost to enter is only $2.20 which fits my budget perfectly! There are three duck related sections that I would like to enter and one category for eggs.

Pekin Duck Red Hill Show
Niffler is a Pekin duck given to us for our Engagement Party in March 2013.

Pekin Duck

Niffler has grown so much since she arrived at our house as a duckling. It would be great if she could win a prize. I’m hoping that there aren’t many other Pekin duck entries and Niffler and get a win or second place perhaps. Due to the blue spots across her beak (which can be seen in this photo) she is unlikely to win a competitive turnout. I still love her though.

Khaki Campbell Red Hill Show
Tonks is meant to be a Pekin cross Khaki Campbell duck.

Khaki Campbell Duck

I’m more hopeful of a win with Tonks in the Khaki Campbell category. I have posted photos of her online to find out a little bit more about her. At the moment, the only problem that has been readily identified is that she has some white on her wings (presumably that would be from the part Pekin in her genes). The problem is that I know there was at least one or two Khaki Campbells entered into last year’s competition. Competition will be intense!

AOV Duck

I’m also interested in entering one of the ten ducks that were brought home as day olds in November last year. As it turns out they are a mixed bunch and I would be very surprised if they were in fact Khaki Campbell X Pekins as I was told. There is an Any Other Variety (AOV) category that might prove a bit of a surprise if I can choose the right bird of the ten. There are several that are predominantly brown with dark black streaks which look promising. Personally I favour the black with blue feathers and white patch on the neck. I’m not sure what breed they are though – probably a mix of several.


I would also like to enter the egg section. 6 duck eggs can be submitted and will be judged on their “evenness and colour”. I’m not sure if that means white duck eggs are going to be penalised, but I guess we’ll find out!

It should be a great day. Last year was very good fun and there is a range of activities to see and things to buy. The woodchopping was quite impressive – as were a number of the other animals (including some rather large cows) that were on show. If you’re in the area, I recommend coming along!

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