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Farming Inspirations

River Cottage Farming Inspiration

Everyone idolises heroes or outstanding people in their desired field, and farming is no different. We have farming inspirations that have contributed to out interest in farming and the methods we intend to implement. Having a farming inspiration has helped me formulate ideas, see what farming may really be like and also work out what […]

White Fly in the Home Popcorn Planting

White Fly marks in Popcorn

This year we’ve had a bit of a pest problem in our home garden. It’s not uncommon for a new garden: the bug populations are often out of balance until the predators breed up. Of course, usually these problems are ‘fixed’ with sprays, or traps. We grow organically, so that rules out most sprays immediately. […]

Eating eggs can make you happy!

eating eggs

A recent article in The Age has detailed some additional benefits to eating eggs. Previously I’d outlined some of the nutritional benefits of eating duck eggs, but as it turns out there are even more benefits. Essentially, eating eggs will activate serotonin (the ‘happy’ hormone) in the body. This has been known for some time. […]