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instagram images for heritage farm

While we’re both rather familiar with different types of social media, neither Rach nor I had ever used Instagram before making an account for Heritage Farm. After a tentative start, we’ve now got 200 Followers!

Instagram seemed to be a really popular form of social media for farms across the world because people could actually see the farm itself and how the food is grown. It provides a really visual connection to the farm and the farmers.

Since we started that account, it has grown in popularity and is probably our most dominant social media tool that we use. I feel like I can be a little creative and show off some of our plants/animals and share achievements in a relatively brief image. To be honest, I really enjoy posting Instagram images – so if you’re not on Instagram I recommend that you check it out!

In the last few days we’ve had our 200th Follower follow us. This might seem like a small achievement, but I’m really excited that we have been able to reach this milestone. As a celebration, I thought I would publish this blog post with some of our most popular images.

Going through our most popular Instagram images, I was hoping to find a theme that I could sort of replicate and make our pictures more popular going forward. At this stage I’ve not really found a common thread – but if you see something please let me know!

This image of Rach’s heirloom popcorn is one of our most popular Instagram images, and I totally love it. We sometimes have difficulty capturing the amazing colours of produce because we often take images on our iPhone. The popcorn picture above was taken on Rach’s iPad which gives a better idea of the deep purple colour of the popcorn and I think it’s fantastic.

Rach has grown some magnificent tomatoes during this season, and this is one of the large heirloom tomatoes taken in my hand just outside (to get more light). I think it’s a nice photo because the tomato itself looks very real – with minor blemishes. It also has my hand holding the tomato so people can see the size which provides some perspective. It’s not perfectly in focus, but it’s not too bad.

This image was one of the first we posted on Instagram, and was really popular considering we didn’t have many followers back then! As you can see, it’s not perfectly in focus, but it’s one of our little day old ducklings on the floorboards at our house. Very cute I think!

Providing perspective, presenting well and showing people something interesting is a sure fire way to a great picture. In this photo, we’ve got a quail egg, one of our chicken eggs and a duck egg. You can see the size difference between the bird eggs, and I think the darker background (our floorboards again – you can see a popular theme there!) makes the image a little more appealing.

This image was taken when we were up to our ears in tomatoes! We had all types and needed to sell the tomatoes. Unfortunately the image is a little fuzzy again, but you can still see the quality of the freshly picked tomatoes.

As you can see, there’s a bit of a difference between the Instagram images. If you’re thinking of diving into Instagram, I’d highly recommend it – it’s easy and highly addictive. When we started, we weren’t great, but over time I think we’ve gotten much better.

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