Red Hill Show Results

red hill show heirloom popcorn

As many of you may know, Rach and I have both been very excited to enter into this year’s Red Hill Show. Well, we have fantastic news – Heritage Farm won some prizes!

It was a real rush to get everything submitted to the Red Hill Show in time. Things came up, and it meant that we had less time than planned – but when entries need to be submitted by certain times and dates it’s a case of prioritising! Not everything we wanted to enter was entered in to unfortunately, but we got most of what we wanted.

Red Hill Show Results


Rach entered several categories for vegetables and cooking – winning first place for her beautiful melon and also for her corn (you can see the corn in the image at the top of this post or on our Instagram account). We ate some melon last night and it was unbelievably delicious. The variety is like a watermelon, only cream coloured inside and sweeter in flavour.

There was plenty of stiff competition in both categories, but the quality of Rach’s veggies shone through. Rach also got second place for her chillis but there was a mix up and we couldn’t take the ribbon home. We don’t like to talk about it 😉

The cooking section was interesting, and I genuinely thought Rach’s relish and pickles would get a ribbon. Alas, it wasn’t to be on the day. 

duck eggs at the red hill show
Unfortunately my duck eggs didn’t get the blue ribbon. They were consistent in size, but not quite perfect in colour and consistency. The winning eggs were stunning – so maybe I can win next year!

I entered some duck eggs in the vegetable section (strange, I know). Unfortunately they weren’t quite consistent enough and there were no prizes for Heritage Farm here. It was a hotly contested category and some of the other eggs were stunning. I think the winner had chicken eggs with a blue tinge, which means they were probably laid by Araucanas.


One of the ducks from Vidamour Farm was entered into the Any Other Variety (AOV) category at the Red Hill Show. She was not particularly happy at being picked out on a rainy morning and taken to the show. Catching her was rather difficult and a challenge – even with help from Cam and Rach! 

ducks at the red hill show
I found the biggest enclosures available for birds at the Red Hill Show, but I still felt uneasy leaving the ducks in a cage. While they’re only there for about 7 hours, it’s obviously not as fun for them as free range. This is something that would hold me back from doing regular shows. Obviously this photo was taken before they won lots of prizes!

We still aren’t 100% sure of the breed of the duck, so it was a massive surprise when we came back later in the day to find that she had won first prize for her category, Champion Waterfowl and also the Reserve Champion Bird in Show (second best bird in the entire Red Hill Show)!



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Niffler, our Pekin was also taken to show. She was much quieter than I was expecting, which was fantastic. Niffler won first prize in her category and also won the Poultry Section People’s Choice which was also a great result. To win that prize, attendees would vote on their favourite bird – and Niffler won!

Tonks was entered into the Khaki Campbell category and won first prize as well. In fact, I was told that Tonks and Niffler tied for the People’s Choice – and the judge had the casting vote! So Tonks did just as well.

I was very happy with all results from the Red Hill Show – a very enjoyable day that’s for sure! Particularly given our very low expectations. Rach was unlucky in a couple of categories, but with a bit of luck next year, she may very well be the queen of the Red Hill Show.

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