Tough Decisions

tough decisions at Heritage Farm

Consistently making the correct decision is one of the most difficult parts of life, and when your whole life seems to be riding on your response it can be even tougher!

Recently I had the opportunity to acquire a large number of pure Khaki Campbell ducks for a good price.

Unlike many other duck owners, these ducks were available within an hour’s drive (usually, ducks seem to only be available 3+ hours away) and were priced at around $25 each which is a good price for purebred stock.

I leapt into a mad frenzy, contacting the seller as soon as I could, working out how to pick them up and organising the sale process.

Before I fully committed, I stepped back and assessed the current situation at Heritage Farm and our setup at Vidamour Farm. Upon this reflection, I politely aborted the sale.

Our circumstances currently prevent the rapid expansion of duck numbers at the farm. A large factor of this is my lack of confidence in the electric fencing. Without adequate protection of the ducks, I’m simply uncomfortable risking more lives (and money).

I tend to be a little gung-ho, and prone to diving into decisions, but fortunately I was able to be sensible, step back and acknowledge that this is not the right time. While it’s only a small decision in the end, I’m actually rather proud of the fact that I made the right decision and have proven to myself that I have learned from past mistakes.

Sometimes the toughest decision is to decide not to do anything at all.

Ensuring that the electric fencing and protection system is acceptable is therefore a priority. I’m confident that once that obstacle is overcome, the Heritage Farm duck flock/family can increase quickly!

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