Duck Manure Fertiliser

duck manure grass

As you can understand, duck manure is in abundant supply on a duck egg farm. It just so happens that duck manure is absolutely fantastic for plant growth.

Ducks are messy creatures. Whether it be mud or even spraying their own manure around the paddock, ducks will prevent the farm from being too clean and tidy!

effect of duck manure
The grass on the right has recently had the ducks on it while the area on the left did not. While there *may* be other factors at work, I think the duck manure makes a difference to this pasture at least.

Every couple of weeks I move the ducks to a new area. It’s fascinating to see the old area recover. The ducks cause a fair amount of damage to the paddock, and the ground needs time to recover.

Fortunately, the paddock always recovers beautifully. In fact, the areas that the ducks have previously been located often look much greener and healthier than before. I believe that it’s because of the abundance of nutrients that can be found in duck manure.

While this is great for the paddocks at Vidamour Farm, I’m far more excited at the possibility of using duck manure to benefit Rach’s vegetable growing. With this added bonus, hopefully we can get beautiful fresh vegetables that look great, taste superb and hopefully even get them bigger too!

For the specific levels of some nutrients found in duck manure, check out this link.

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