How big is a duck egg?

Heritage Farm duck eggs

Duck eggs are different to chicken eggs including size, taste and colour. But just how big is a duck egg?

Like any animal, ducks lay a variety of different sized eggs.

Duck eggs compared to chicken eggs size

Duck eggs are often considerably larger than chicken eggs. At Heritage Farm, our standard duck eggs are 70-90grams each egg (900grams for a dozen). Compare this to standard chicken egg sizes:

Modern Sizes (Australia)
Size Mass range per egg Average mass per egg
King‐size 71.7 g – 78.5 g 73 g
Jumbo 66.7 g – 71.6 g 68 g
Extra-Large 58.3 g – 66.6 g 60 g
Large 50.0 g – 58.2 g 52 g
Medium 41.7 g – 49.9 g 43 g

Size of a duck egg – by breed

Egg sizes tend to vary between duck breeds. In our experience Khaki Campbell ducks tend to lay larger eggs than our Indian Runner ducks. However the Indian Runners lay a tougher shelled eggs (and sometimes a lovely green colour).

Our Saxony ducks have produced smaller eggs again and our Pekin ducks have tended to lay eggs that are similar in size to our Indian Runner ducks.

From largest egg to smallest egg by breed:

  1. Khaki Campbell
  2. Indian Runner
  3. Pekin
  4. Saxony

*Note that this is only our experience and we have not had a large enough sample size to clearly determine which breed has a certain sized egg.

From what we’ve read, the Muscovy duck tends to lay large eggs less frequently than the other breeds. At this point in time we do not have experience with Muscovy ducks.

How big is a duck egg?
One of our fresh duck eggs on the right, with a yolk diameter of 6cm. On the left is a standard Australian 50c piece.

Size of duck egg – by age

When a duck first begins to lay eggs, her eggs are smaller. Early eggs can also be funny shaped and sizes, as the reproductive system of the duck is working itself out. In the first month of laying, our ducks tend to lay eggs between 50-70grams per egg. Mature birds will lay eggs 70-90grams per egg. Occasionally there are some giant eggs that we find – up to 120grams. That would hurt! On the other hand, we’ve had eggs that look like they’ve been produced by a pigeon!

Up to date pricing information on our standard and duckling eggs can be found on our duck eggs page.

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So, how big is a duck egg?

Put simply, it depends on many factors. At Heritage Farm a mature duck will lay eggs about 78 grams – much larger than standard chicken eggs.

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