Winter veggies – Chicory

One of our new volunteers is from The Netherlands, and it turns out that chicory (or endive) is a popular vegetable in those low lands. The Dutch chop the chicory into thin slices and mix it through mashed potatoes. So if you find this green crop in your veggie box this week, give this real Dutch recipe for “Andijvie stamppot” a try!

Recipe chicory & mashed potatoes
á la Dutch (Andijvie stamppot)

Ingredients for 4

2 bunches of chicory
1.25kg Dutch Cream potatoes
1 large onion
100ml milk (can use nut- or soymilk)
100g smoked cheese
25g butter

Mustard to serve
Optional: 50g chopped walnuts
Optional: 250g smoked speck, or just bacon


  1. Prep the mashed potatoes; peel and cut the potatoes, give them a wash, add water and bring to a boil;
  2. Slice the onion into thin half rings and the speck into small cubes, fry both (together) until the bacon is crispy;
  3. Remove the back of the chicory, give the leafs a wash and chop into thin slices, keep the chopped stalks separate;
  4. When the potatoes need about 10 minutes more, add the stalks;
  5. In the meantime slice the cheese into small cubes, keep aside;
  6. When the potatoes are done, ditch the water and let it steam out for a second;
  7. Add the rest of the chicory, milk and butter and mash through;
  8. Fold the smoked cheese through the stamppot;
  9. Serve on plates, make well in the middle, scoop a couple of spoons of onion and speck and top off with walnuts and a teaspoon of mustard.

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