Competition Time- Win a Copy of Our New Colouring Book

If you’ve been to our farm lately, you might have heard me talking about, (or stressing over) the colouring book I’ve been creating with a friend. The very talented, also known as Bec, has been doing fabulous line drawings of our animals and farm. I’ve created some puzzles and a narrative to tie the whole book together.

The book is 44 pages long, 20 x 20cm, and is on it’s way to the printers! On the 13th of November we’ll have it in our excited little hands. And we’re running a competition to celebrate!!

Producing it was stressful, but to be honest with you, figuring out the printing was almost as bad. There are lots of simple print on demand services available these days, designed for self publishing journeys just like ours. Many of the larger companies are both cheap and convenient. But unfortunately they don’t live up to the vision and environmental standards that we believe in here at Heritage Farm.

We want every part of our farm and business to breathe the values that we have in our own home. So we found Black Rainbow, who I can’t recommend highly enough. They are in Gippsland, and print on 100% post consumer waste recycled paper. They don’t use laminates, their inks are organic based and non toxic, and their printing press is run by solar power. Our colouring book won’t be the cheapest around, but it will be a beautiful, sustainable, book, that embodies everything we believe in here at Heritage Farm.

You can preorder a copy here, or enter our competition to win one! (Or do both. Buy one for your own family, win one as a gift!) To enter the competition, download and print this picture, Then take a photo and email it back to us, or drop the paper in to our farm gate. Entries close on Tuesday 13th November, 2018.


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