Winter veggies – whole roast cauliflower

Roast Cauliflower

When I found this beautiful whole cauliflower in my organic vegetable box this week, with it’s big leaves still on there, I wondered… Why don’t we eat those leaves? So let’s start this recipe with a tip -> use the leaves! They go well sliced finely in a salad or chopped up in a stir fry. I made a little side salad together with the leafy greens that were also in the veggie box, some walnuts and the left over cauliflower dressing.

To surprise the boyfriend, I thought it would be nice to roast the entire cauliflower as a whole.

This recipe has an Indian touch, that’s why I served it with pappadams and roast curry carrots. Did you know you can heat up pappadams in the microwave?! No oil needed.

It does take a while for the cauliflower to cook all the way through. I took 1 hour and it wasn’t cooked all the way through, so let’s say 90 minutes on 180°C should do the trick.

Recipe whole roast cauliflower

Ingredients for 4

1 whole cauliflower
0.5 tpsn mustard
1 tspn coriander powder
1 tspn cumin
1 tspn turmeric
0.5 tspn sea salt
0.5 tspn chili powder
1 garlic clove, finely diced
3cm of fresh ginger, finely diced
100ml of Greek yoghurt
Half a lemon or lime

Optional: Small handful of fresh coriander


  1. Preheat the oven to 180°C
  2. Mix all the spices, garlic and ginger through the yoghurt. Squeeze out the lime or lemon juice
  3. Remove all the leaves + stem from the cauliflower (keep for a salad or a stir fry!)
  4. Place the cauliflower in an oven tray and cover the whole thing with the yoghurt dressing, you can use a basting brush
  5. Roast in the oven for about 90 minutes until golden and soft
  6. If you want to serve carrots, simply toss some smaller carrots through some olive oil and curry powder and add it to the tray in the oven for the last 30-40 minutes

Optional: Serve fresh coriander with the roast.
Tip: Make some extra yoghurt dressing and serve with pappadams.

Cauliflower leaves
Cauliflower dressing

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