Cheesymite Avo Egg Stack

Cheesymite Avo Egg Stack

Make a cheesymite avo egg stack for a brunchy weekend treat. All the more delicious when using our tasty organic free range eggs and the scrumptious sourdough from Mother Mary Bakes!

If you saw our latest blog post about spring time, you may have read that our lovely ladies (aka hens) are back in full swing when it comes to laying eggs. Although spring time isn’t full of abundance on the veggie front, it certainly feels like summer came early in the chook pen!

Eggs are a wonderful addition of protein to a meal. If you received a veggie box this week you will have scored some yummy avos! Adding a umami and salty hit of vegemite, plus the flavoursome aromas that come from grilling cheese really takes the smashed avo to a whole different level.

Cheesymite Avo Egg Stack

Recipe for Cheesymite Avo Egg Stack

Prep time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 5-10 minutes

Sourdough toast
Sliced tasty cheese

(the amount of each will depend on how many you want to make!)

Pepper for serving if desired.
I would hold off on the salt until you’ve tried it, the vegemite brings a lot of that saltiness.


1. Preheat your oven grill so its nice and hot, and line your baking tray with al foil to catch the bubbling cheese run offs.
2. Slice your toast and cheese. Open your avocado and slice it, or mash if you prefer more of a smash.
3. If you like more crispy toast, toast your bread slices alone before moving to the next step. If like me, you prefer the softness of fresh sourdough, go to step 4.
4. Cover one side of your toast with vegemite (I find you can use more spread than you usually would eating plain toast). Then add the cheese slices on top, put on the baking tray and put under the grill until your cheese is starting to golden
5. While the toast is cooking, get out your frying pan to cook your eggs.
Cook these gently on a low heat with a lid on to help cook it more evenly if you like your eggs sunny side up.
6. Stack some avocado on your grilled toast, then top with your egg.
7. Serve hot!

If you’re keen on securing your dozen of our organic free range chook eggs, don’t forget to head over to our online store or come visit us at our farm gate Fridays 3-5pm or Saturdays 9am-12pm at 1494 Stumpy Gully Rd, Moorooduc.

Bon appétit!

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