15 Minute Chickpea and Haloumi Salad

Chickpea and Haloumi Salad

This super easy 15 Minute Chickpea and Haloumi Salad is a great way to use your delicious veggies in a warm and nutritious salad.

I literally timed myself to make sure that my 15 minutes was accurate. It was 18 minutes including putting some of the preparation plates in the dishwasher and plating up a bowl for the above photo!
Granted, I actually have been making this for more years than I care to share. It was always one of my go-to meals when running between university and 2 jobs.

A great fall back meal when you don’t have a lot of time but you also want to eat something healthy. A great win when you some of the lovely broc on hand from the veggie box and an abundance of tomatoes in the garden during summer!

15 Minute Chickpea and Haloumi Salad

Recipe for 15 Minute Chickpea and Haloumi Salad

Prep time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 10 minutes


1 tin chickpeas
2 medium heads of broccoli
400g tomatoes approx
100g spinach leaves (or other leafy green)
250g haloumi, sliced
1-2 tbs flour (for dusting haloumi, optional)
Plenty of olive oil
S + P


1. Grab out two frying pans. In one, add enough oil to almost cover the entire base of the pan and turn on the stove to heat it up.
2. Cut the bases off your broc (and save them for some yummy veggie soup!) and cut the florets into small/thin pieces.
Place these in your other frying pan and drizzle with some oil and cook on a medium to high heat. You’ll cook them approx 10 minutes, so just keep tossing these around so they don’t burn.
3. Cut your haloumi into thick slices. Put some flour in a bowl and coat each piece. Then once the oil is hot, add them into the pan and cook on a high temperature. Keep an eye on them every few minutes and when its browned turn and cook the other side until browned. Set aside on some paper towel.
4. Cut your tomatoes in half (if cherry sized tomatoes! Smaller pieces if regular sized tomatoes) and add them in with the broc for a few minutes before you finish cooking them so they don’t overcook.
5. Strain your chickpeas and add to a serving bowl with your fresh leafy greens.
6. Add your cooked veggies, and your cooked haloumi diced.
7. Serve with a fresh dressing, ideally homemade with a whole lemon for some added vit C.

15 Minute Chickpea and Haloumi Salad

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