Growing Popcorn and Wives Tales

Growing popcorn

As you may have noticed, I like wives tales, and how they relate to the garden. I figure, if people have been doing something successfully for a long time, then there must be something in it, even if we can’t scientifically explain why. This is especially true for agriculture, because so much of small-scale sustainable […]

Mealworms: A basic introduction

Mealworm Blog Post

An introduction to mealworms Mealworms (telebrio molitor) are the larval stage of a species of darkling beetle. Mealworms are often grown in households to provide easy food for poultry (particularly backyard chickens), reptiles like lizards, a wide variety of fish as well as some mammals like sugar gliders and other natives. They are very popular […]

Duck Eggs

duck egg

Duck eggs are a great alternative to chicken eggs, and are highly nutritious and beneficial in their own right. As very few people have tried duck eggs, or know little about them I thought I’d write this blog post to provide some background to this wonderful ingredient! Taste Duck eggs taste slightly different to chicken […]